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MLB Trading Deadline Notes

The Mets made an unexpected and strong trade by bringing in Tyler Clippard to be the 8th inning pitcher.  Now the Mets have effectively made this a 7 inning game with the greatness of their starting lineup.  And this move coupled with the trade made over the weekend have improved the Mets alot while not moving any significant asset.  With Travis d’Arnaud starting a rehab assignment and hopefully by trading for one more quality bat the Mets may be ready to roll.  Assuming another bat is brought in David Wright would become gravy if he returns.  With the below trade of Troy Tulowitzki for Jose Reyes it is amazing to me to hear Met fans saying how come we were not in on this.  The Mets don’t have a Reyes to trade to the Rockies.  The acquisition of Clippard is more important now that jenrry Mejia has been suspended for 162 games.


The Angels acquired Shane Victorino for nothing basically.  This is a good battle tested, intangible player who will fit right in with the Angels.  Also in 2 more deals David Dejesus and David Murphy were brought in for marginal prospects.  The Angels brought in 3 quality players for nothing.

The Rockies finally moved Tulowitzki and got back Jose Reyes and 3 prospect pitchers.  I see the Rockies end.  I am not sure what the Jays are thinking.  Tulo is better than Reyes.  But the Jays need pitching and just moved a big chip to get Tulo.  Now the Rockies can maybe take Reyes and flip him to another team for maybe 3 more prospects making the ultimate get for Tulo 6 prospects.  Possibly.

The Nationals got Jonathan Papelbon to be either a 8th inning or 9th inning guy.

The Royals struck again.  After adding Johnny Cueto they now added Ben Zobrist.

Jenrry Mejia what the hell are you thinking.  Suspended twice in the same season for the same substance.  Please Mets release this guy.

Brandon Marshall tweets from his sister’s wedding in Jamaica and is pleading his case for when he fails the drug test because of all the weed being smoked there with none by him.  Are we supposed to believe that Brandon.  Looks like the zoo is still in session for the Jets.

So surprisingly the NFL upheld Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension.  Brady may fight it.  But Tom you cheated.  Take the suspension and let’s all move on.

How come the NFL always has to have something negative to talk about.  Look at this Summer.  2 players blew off fingers playing with fireworks on the 4th of July.  Deflate Gate won’t go away.  Marshall all but admitted he is going to fail a drug test.  Now this rule the hall of fame has about not letting a family member make a speech in lieu of a deceased inductee.  This will be a story right up until that induction day.  Jeez how much more drama can the NFL have.

I can’t understand why John Cena gets so much hate thrown  his way.  Could it be that he is the real face of the WWE.  Could it be that he gets to go home to the hot Nikki Bella.  Could it be that his gimmick and persona rub you the wrong way.  What he did last night on Raw was incredible.  His nose was smashed for a good 10 minutes and he fought through the match.  Regardless of the outcome cause the WWE has a reason for every outcome whether we agree with it or not what John did was bad ass tough.  Now he is not the only WWE Superstar to fight through an injury to finish the match with a bad injury.  Mick Foley did.  Sabu was always messed up in his matches.  Triple tore a muscle off the bone is his leg and he finished the match although in a reduced role.  He was put in the Walls Of Jericho which had to be like death.  But still last night was a night to celebrate Cena’s toughness.

On the subject of the WWE.  They are now in the mainstream sports arena.  ESPN and Fox Sports are going to report on all issues now.  Cena’s performance was mentioned.  Dusty Rhodes’ death was covered.  And of course the Hulk Hogan incident.  And let me say this to Stephen A Smith.  Just shut up.  I am not talking about what you said about Hogan.  Hulk needs to take his medicine.  But to come out and say the whole WWE is filled with racism is way off base.  Wrestling is not a real sport.  We all know that.  The winners of each match are all predetermined.  The storylines are made up.  So is much of the interviews and commentary.  WWE has writers who handle the interviews and just what each superstar is going to say.  You can’t call it fake then all of a sudden say but that part is real.  Smith mentioned when Jesse Ventura called Tito Santana chico and called his finishing move the flying burrito.  Or when Vince McMahon used the N word in an angle with Booker T.  Hey Smith the term angle is just like a part of a TV show or a movie.  They are all acting.  It’s an act.  So if everyone white person who uses the N word in a movie c racist?  I think not dumbass.



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