Sports Blog Of The Day 11-10

Sports Blog Of The Day 11-10

ncaa footballWhat a weekend of football in college.  The creation of the playoffs has made this season very interesting.  All the top teams are trying to avoid that the dreaded second loss.  And as we all knew the SEC is one tough mother fucking conference.  These teams are knocking each other off every week.  We still are going to have teams complain if they are not in the top 4 but damn these games are good and we have to watch all of them cause an upset can happen at any time.  But is anyone else tired of hearing that every Saturday is separation Saturday and that this is an elimination game?  That is what the playoffs have done to college football.

bama 2 miss st 2 auburn 2 ole miss 1 lsuSEC WEST IS BEST

I had wrote an article a few weeks ago saying how the SEC gets shut out of the playoffs.  My theory is that if all SEC teams have 2 losses including their conference champion how does a SEC team get in over a one loss team that won their conference.  We all know the SEC is by far the toughest conference and every team has the 2 losses except for Miss State who is undefeated and Alabama who has one loss.  Guess what they play this coming Saturday.  I say The Crimson Tide wins this game but loses the Iron Bowl to Auburn while Ole Miss wins the egg bowl over Miss State.  So all SEC West teams will have 2 loses.  I am not sure who would go the SEC Conference Championship game but what happens if that team loses to a 2 loss Georgia team.  Does the committee then select an SEC West or any SEC team when you have Florida State undefeated and Oregon, TCU and Arizona State all with one loss and whom are streaking up the standings.  That is the most interesting question.  But let’s say it now Miss State, Alabama, Auburn, LSU and Ole Miss may all be top ten teams.


Notre Dame is going to look back at the Arizona State game and kick themselves.  Anyone who watched that game can’t come away saying the Sun Devils are better than the Irish.  I don’t believe so.  But it does not matter.  They lost and pretty much are done for the playoffs.  Yes this was a huge win for the Arizona State program.  But this team did not show me that much.  The drive when Notre Dame came all the way back from being down 34-3 to make the score 34-31 the Devils stuck the ball in the endzone right away.  That impressed me cause they were reeling and the irish were flying.  But let’s face it.  The facts of the game is that the Irish gifted them 28 points directly from turnovers and also gave up 10 points on offense.  I will not give Arizona State any credit for the turnovers.  Irish QB Everett Golsen has been a turnover machine for most of the season and it was bound to bite them eventually.  But kudos to the Devils for capitalizing on them.  But Brian Kelly has to be sick seeing the number of teams that lost ahead of them this week.

Ohio State 1BUCKEYED

Urban Meyer is a great coach and recruiter.  We know that.  His Buckeyes layed the smack down on Sparty in East Lansing on Saturday night.  It was easily the biggest win in his OSU career.  But how ironic is it now that Meyer is on the other side of the argument now that he isn’t in the SEC.  His team who lost their Heisman hopeful QB for the season in August lost an early game while they groomed the replacement. Now they got their QB to be hitting on all cylinders OSU might not get a chance to go to the dance.  Wonder what Meyer will say about how good the SEC is now.

nflIt was a wild day in the NFL too.

Bears I am still waiting for the Chicago Bears to show up Sunday night.  The Pack layed a whopping on them.  Big time.

Jets RexEverytime the NFL network shows Rex Ryan walking through the crowd before the game at Metlife stadium I get the feeling he is running for office.  What will we do without Rex Ryan in New York.

VIckOh and Mike Vick comes out and says the Jets would have won more games if he was starting sooner.  Yeah because your not a turnover machine who easily gets hurt.

coughlinIs this finally the end of the line for Tom Coughlin or does he have some more magic up his sleeve?

StantonBruce Arianas talking about the Super Bowl with backup QB Drew Stanton.  Don’t put pressure on a kid and a team that has never been successful before.

SteelersHow do the Steelers inexplicably lose to two teams with a combined record of 3-16.

CowboysSo the report says that several Cowboys missed curfew in London and there was concern that they were not taking the Jaguars seriously.

ARODIn other news there had not been a game even exhibition game and I am already tired on AROD.  He was suspended and everything was quiet.  Once it gets announced the suspension was lifted there are reports he admitted to using PHD’s like we didn’t know that.  In addition do we have to hear his cousin’s wife come out and slam AROD saying he urinated on the side of her house.  I feel bad for her husband but seriously the world can’t take much more of AROD.

mlbAlways one of the most fun times of the year, MLB’s second season the Hot Stove Season is starting to cook.  This week is the GM’s meetings where the ground work can be layed down for trades and potential free agent signings.  Almost anything can happen.  It gets real crazy and entertaining.  What will your team do this off season.

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