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dolphins 72 dolphins

What do the 1972 Miami Dolphins do?  You know how Nick Buoniconti pops the champagne when the last undefeated team in the NFL loses.  He and his teammates actually root for it.  This will never happen but if the Dolphins are 8-0 will they root against their own franchise team?


San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs

Jimmy G what the hell are you doing?  Just go out of bounds.  Didn’t you learn anything from playing behind Tom Brady all these years?



Speaking of the 49ers what is the NFL thinking about now having the Niners in so many prime time games with Bobby Beathard’s grandson quarterbacking that team.  Can they flex those games out?


My god can it get any lower for Rutgers?  They were home dogs against Buffalo from the MAAC conference, a conference they really should be in and not where they do not belong in the Big Ten.  But Buffalo blew them off the field by halftime.


Did Notre Dame find a QB or is this fools gold again?  One can hope they won’t go undefeated only to get blown off the field in a playoff game.



Tiger Woods is back?  Tiger won his first tournament in a very long time.  So is he back?  Some will argue that until he wins a major he won’t be officially back.  But man that crowd was drawn to Tiger like no other golfer in the modern era.


david wright

Only the Mets can make this nice gesture for David Wright into something that draws attention to him.  Not only did Wright have to beg the Mets to get his day do the Mets really have to say he won’t play in a game that means something to other teams.  Way to get the attention off Wright.



I don’t know about you but the Rams offense looks scary good.  And their defense has yet to start playing


Typical Miami Hurricanes.  Blowing out the lowly North Carolina Tar Heels and strutting about with the turnover chain.  Despite getting embarrassed by LSU in a stand alone game Sunday night during Labor Day Weekend.

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