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Another day goes by and Sandy Alderson still has not fixed the Met offense.  The Mets did take 2 out of 3 in LA and broke a scoreless tie last night in SF with 4 runs in the 9 but the problem is still there.  Why can’t Sandy bring in one of the recently offensive players for a look.  Even for a quick fix you might get lucky.  Show your fan base your trying everything to fix this problem.  Jonathan Niese can’t pitch any better than he is now.  it is time to call the Cubs or Dodgers and make the move.  Niese and another prospect for Castro might get it done.   Maybe.  Now Matt Harvey is complaining about the 6 man rotation.  I get why he hates it.  He wants the ball.  But he needs to realize this is best for him and the young arms to keep them fresh for September and possibly beyond.
The Royals wound up having 4 All Star Game starters.  That is still too many.   In fact you can debate that none of the 4 belong to start.  Is Salvador Perez the best catcher in the AL?  Are Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain 2 of the top 3 outfielders in the AL?  I can live with Alcides Escobar as the starter although Jose Iglesias is the better player.  Jose Bautista absolutely deserved to be a starter as well as Yeonis Cespedes.  All the Royal fans did here is 1. MLB will now change the voting system.  It is already a joke that one email address can vote 35 times.  It’s possible to have more than one email address. I have 6 myself.  2.  The little man complex they had at the end of last season is just growing. They were supposed to be the kind of underdog team America would get behind.  Instead they made America hate them and even more now after this fiasco.
As for the National League All stars I have no problem with all those selections.  Matt Holliday maybe should have not won.  But some others were having bad years like Andrew McCutcheon.
Among the snubs for the all star game is Alex Rodriquez.  No one should be surprised by that.  Perhaps this is punishment for his past sins.  Whatever the case is if AROD is still putting up these numbers next year he should not get snubbed.  But Prince Fielder was just as deserving maybe more.
I don’t know how the Nationals are doing it. Their pitching hasn’t been real great this year.  Not what we thought it would be.  Stephen Strasburg is hurt again.  Gio Gonzalez is not having a great year.  Even their offense outside of Bryce Harper and Yunel Escobar is struggling.  If not for the bad play of the rest of their division they would be in some trouble.
How dumb is Jason Pierre-Paul.  How could you be so irresponsible to play with fireworks.  The Giants who can’t seem to stay healthy now have their most important player seemingly with a serious injury.  JPP who has not signed his franchise tender yet reportedly had his 4 year 60 million dollar contract pulled by the Giants.  The Giants won’t pull the Franchise tag but if JPP thinks the Giants are just going to forget about this because of his talent think again.  How stupid can you be JPP
Kudos to the US Women’s Soccer team for winning the World Cup.  The women who are far better internationally than the men don’t get the respect and the credit they are due.  They set a new ratings high for Fox with their Sunday night Cup winning performance.  This was during a holiday weekend at the beginning of Summer too.  These ladies are tough and resiliant and deserve to have more recognition and money thrown their way.  There is talk of a parade down the famed Canyon of Heroes in New York City.  This should be done as they are truly America’s team.
The Lakers are trying to round our their roster with bit players who will now have to assume bigger roles.  No big free agent wants to sign with LA right now.  I say right now because once Kobe Bryant is gone you can bring in 2 max free agents.  That with a potential 3rd straight lottery pick should make this team enticing.  Kobe you are a warrior and a winner.  You have done alot for the Lakers organization.  You do not deserve to get a max contract and you must bow out now.  You will never get your 6th title with the Lakers.  And for those who said the Lakers should have used their amnesty on Kobe 2 years ago, yeah it makes sense now seeing how he broke down.  But the Lakers would have just signed players to max deals.  I rather the foundation of this team be with young lottery talent.  A third straight lottery pick would do the trick.
I haven’t mentioned some prominent NFL players were suspended for 4 games for PED use.  Sheldon Richardson the talented defensive lineman on the Jets will miss 4 games.  Not smart on any level but especially since the jets drafted yet another defensive lineman and when your looking for a long term deal.
Hey Jimbo Fisher how is the character of your team now.  Seeing that it is on film of your now ex quarterback punching a woman in the face at a local Tallahassee bar.  At least you threw him off the team hopefully forever.  But one would wonder if you would have done the same is this was Jaemis.

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