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So the last 3 of the last 4 Met wins were because Cueto walked 3 guys in a row, The Reds made 2 errors in one inning and Matz drove in 4 runs.  This is the worst offensive team maybe in history.  Sandy Alderson does not seem to be in a hurry to bring in any offensive players.  But the Mets keep wasting great pitching performances game in and game out.  That botched squeeze play was the tip of the iceberg.  Not only did the umpires screw up that play with the Mets getting lucky it was yet again where a Met player showed a lack of fundamental play.  I thought Keith Hernandez was going to have a heart attack seeing Ruben Tejada run past Daniel Murphy.  I won’t blame this on Terry Collins but still the manager must take the blame.

Here are the two moves I think the Mets should make or at least inquire about right now.  I first call up the Redsox and ask who is available.  I don’t want the Panda Bear but I would take Hanley Ramirez if the Sox eat some of that contract.  I wouldn’t give up one of the big 4 but maybe I give them a lower prospect and Rafael Montero.  Hanley can play Thirdbase and Outfield and can provide the spark we need offensively.  The second phone call I make is to the Cubs and I say here is Jonathan Niese and another player not one of the big 4 for Starlin Castro.  It may take a better than average prospect to get this done but the Mets can’t survive with Tejada now in an offensive free fall.  If the Cubs say no I then call the Dodgers with the same offer for Alex Guerrero.  Both these guys will be here for a few years.  It gives the Mets 2 legit offensive players and maybe they can score 4 runs a game.



Remember when all the top free agents wanted to play for the Lakers.  Now they can’t get anybody.  Perhaps the loss of Dr Jerry Buss is a hug factor which I am sure it is.  But maybe the bigger issue is Kobe Bean Bryant.  As a Laker fan I am willing to be patient and not just sign anybody.  With D’Angelo Russell drafted and now we get to see last year’s lottery pick of John Randle finally play I am content with finishing in the lottery again to get another great young star.  Then start to fill out the roster.  I just hope Kobe does not fool Laker management into thinking he will be healthy enough to be a contending team especially in the Western Conference.  As un popular as this might sound Kobe is a huge part of the problem.  He should not have signed for the max.  That handcuffed this team from signing players.  And please please Lakers do not re sign him.  If he wants to play let him doit somewhere else.  It will hurt to see Kobe in another uniform but we need to go forward and start a new chapter.


Kudos to Heather Watson yesterday at Wimbledon.  This little known player outside of England played her heart out against a better player in Serena Williams.  I have watched Watson a few times this year and she is getting better and at 23 years old the sky is the limit for her.  Also props to Serena too.  She did not celebrate the win.  There was nothing over the top.  She knew she got away with one.  But she has been here before and this while a tough and grueling win is not the biggest win in her career.  Kudos for letting Watson have her moment in front of her hometown fans and for being so complimentary towards her post match.



So I guess we should say how wonderful an organization the Yankees are after finally settling the AROD bonus fiasco.  The fact that this went on so long is a joke.  The Yankees owed them him the money case closed.  Now we should shower them with bouquets for giving the money to charity with AROD’s support.  Blah whatever.  How does anyone know what AROD was going to do with the money.  One thing we know for sure the man can still play or as Mike Lupica said PED’s as studies have shown have a lasting effect on the body.  HA HA HA HA.




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