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So the New York Mess are at it again.  If you thought Wednesday night’s fiasco was bad did you check out Thursday’s debacle.  First off the field we have Mike Francesa saying the Mets are talking to two teams for a major bat.   One is being widely reported as Jay Bruce for Zach Wheeler and please god don’t make this deal.  The second one is not known but as we were told it is not Yeonis Cespedes.  In addition the Mets denied rumors the Carlos Gomez trade was nixed because the Brewers didn’t want to pony up some cash but instead Sandy Alderson insisted it was because the doctors found issues with his hips.  To give this more legs Gomez was dealt to the Astros last night and I guess they had no issues with his hips.  More on this in a minute.

Secondly the Mets blow a 7-1 lead when Bobby Parnell gives up a grand slam in the 7th inning to make the game 7-5.  Then with 2 outs and 1 strike in the top of the ninth inning the umpires call for a rain delay which is the most ridiculous time I have ever seen a rain delay happen.  I live in NY so i know the weather got really bad.  Typical Mets they blow the lead and are now trailing by 1 run when the skies open up again and 2 hours later they finally lose a heart breaking game as only the Mets can.

Now back to point 1.  Does anyone really believe the Mets when they say the Gomez trade was called off because of his hips.  No one believed this before he was traded to the Astros.  Certainly no one is going to believe this now.  Alderson and Fred Coupon don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt here.  Everything is about money to the Coupons.  I know doctors don’t agree but this is shameful.  I remember years ago when Vladimer Guerrero wanted to come to the Mets and they said he has a bad back and didn’t sign him and he went on to have great years with the Angels.  So my fellow Met fans I am sorry to say this but I think we have all the help we are going to get.  This team is not going to add a big bat.  MLB please investigate this team and force the Coupons to sell like you made Frank McCourt sell the Dodgers a few years ago.

Point 2.  I know Jeurys Familia has been good this year despite his recent struggles and Bobby Parnell now has been crap the last 2 times he has pitched.  What Alderson needs to do right now is to look at the 9th inning of yesterday’s game and see what Justin Upton and Craig Kimbrel can do for his team.  Take Brandon Nimmo, Zach Wheeler and I am sure the Padres can find 2 other prospects they like for Upton and Kimbrel.  Upton goes to left field and Michael Conforto goes to Triple AAA.  Sorry but the kid looks a little overmatched.  You can’t tell me the Mets have to get a center fielder so Conforto can stay in the majors even if he isn’t hitting.  The bullpen is now Tyler Clippard, Familia and Kimbrel.  Yeah I can go to war with that.  As for Upton the door is open to sign him long term.  Bartolo’s 10 million comes off the books next year and Cuddyer’s salary is low enough that he can be dealt.  There is your 15 million or whatever it will take to sign Upton.  As for Kimbrel’s money this deal will be enough to put butts in the seats and get the Mets to the playoffs.

But my fellow Met fans if the Coupons are penny pinching now what is going to happen when these pitchers need to get signed long term.  Very scary thought.

As for the rest of the MLB happenings the Bluejays trading for David Price is major.  That is a game changer and I don’t think they are done yet.  And for Yankee fans who think this race is over you better go out and get some arms.  I don’t think Michael Pineda pitches again this season.  Ivan Nova is hurt again.  Masahiro Tanaka is a Tommy John Surgery waiting to happen.  And you can;t keep scoring 10 runs a game.  Baseball does not work that way.  This race is not over.  The Pirates made a solid move by getting Joakim Soria.  The Dodgers made some solid moves by bringing in good arms.  The Cardinals all but admitted they are worried about Matt Holiday by over paying for Brandon Moss.  The Giants picked up Mike Leake.  As the deadline approaches today I wonder who is going next.  Several big names are still on the block.

It’s a good thing that Leonard Williams fell into the laps of the Jets.  Sheldon RIchardson what the hell are you thinking about.  Not only have you already been suspended for 4 games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.  But now you were arrested for speeding and resisting arrest.  The car smelled of pot and there was a semi automatic weapon in the car as well as a minor.  This is not the way to get a long term contract out of a team.

The Giants admit to not knowing how many fingers JPP has.

Jet fans for some reason want to spend money to annoy the Patriots with a banner flying over their practice field.  This is why you don’t beat them.

JJ Watt has a 99 rating on the Madden game.

Stephen Jackson has let it be known to the Cowboys that he is available.  Dallas better do something at RB.

The Giants are about to sign James Jones.  Very good low risk signing.  Signing Jake Long would be a coo.  Healthy or not it is a no brainer.  If the stars fall right that could be a huge pickup.

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