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There is alot going on right now in the sports world.  With so much news flying around where do we begin.

Let’s start with MLB.

With the trade deadline looming in about a week the Mets finally made a move.  It was not splashy or significant to solve their offensive problems as they only acquired older fringe players.  But in Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson they represent upgrades for the Mets.  That is the sad part.  What is even more sadder is that one Met fan started a U Fund Me campaign to raise money so the Mets can bring in a bat.  Obviously this was meant as a joke at the expense of the Coupon family.  But it does show a real problem within the organization.  This was a move that should have been made at least one month ago.  For the Mets to be in the biggest market in the country and have their own network how can their payroll be so low.  Perhaps as it was suggested in several articles recently that they are using Met money to pay off personal debts.  This would be ridiculous of this ownership.  MLB supposedly is monitoring this situation but they do nothing about it.  Hopefully for Met fans they force them to sell like they did with the then Dodgers owner Frank McCourt.  Good lord Met fans hope there is another move on the way.

If Jon Niese was going to pitch like that he should have just stayed away.

Reggie what are you doing arguing with a fan at the HOF election weekend in Cooperstown.

Scott Kazmir already impacted the Astros with his performance last night.  Maybe he will resign with his home town team.  His contract was fairly reasonable.

There are several big game changing players on the market right now.  These players can certainly change the outcome of some of these races.  Last year’s trading deadline was extremely wild.  This year’s appears to be just as wild.  As stated before there are several impact players available.  

Hey I haven’t heard any Yankee fan in months say we don’t want AROD.  Have you.  This is typical of the front running, obnoxious and holier than thou Yankee fans.  If AROD was hitting like this when he was suspended the fans and the organization would have supported him.

The big news out of the WWE is the firing of Hulk Hogan due to comments he made 8 years ago about african americans. Obviously he didn’t know he was being recorded and no one knows the state of mind he was in especially with the subject being about his daughter’s music career of which he personally funded for a few years.  No matter how old the comments are Hogan needs to be punished and with the WWE finally getting main stream recognition with ESPN they have no choice to take down the one wrestler who put them on the map in the first place.  ESPN routinely fires people who make racist or sexist comments except for Stephen A Smith.  Not saying it is a black thing because Harold Reynolds was fired for his comments years ago.  if you can’t talk in the privacy of your own home or where ever Hogan was then where can you talk.  The bottom line is just don’t say anything like that period brotha!

The other 2 big things from the WWE is the Undertaker/Brock Lesnar rematch at Summer Slam.  This is the first time the deadman is working a match other than Mania in the same year in a while.  I hope his body can hold up when Brock throws him around.  The other thing is the legitimacy of the Diva’s division finally.  WWE has long since stopped parading females out who are not very good wrestlers and instead have put real wrestling back with the latest infusion of NXT Divas.  Good job.  Now just get Natty in that angle.  Please.

So the NFL won’t let Junior Seau’s daughter give an induction speech for her father because of some silly rule they put in probably because of the recent deaths of NFL players.  Despite what the HOF says they are joined at the hip with the NFL and are so scared of someone blaming concussions for the death of former players they have this silly rule now.  Grow up NFL.  You got bigger problems than this.  You can’t keep players off the police blotter as we seem to have bad news on a weekly basis.  Now you have players blowing off fingers with fireworks for god sake.  The NFL can be so petty at times.

Then you have Dez Bryant who is not happy with his speed rating in John Madden’s new video game.  Seriously.  Is this what is on your mind right now.  Is this what is important to you.  My god get a clue Dez Bryant.

As for the Lakers.  What a bad offseason they had aside from their draft.  And good for them.  Seriously.  There is no quick fix for this team.  There is no bandaid.  There is no way they would have signed enough quality players to make the playoffs in a stacked conference.  So back to the lottery they go and get a third building block player after Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell.  Too bad for Kobe Bryant.  He will retire never getting to the playoffs again.  It does serve him right for taking max money when he clearly had no business doing so.

I haven’t touched on this before and I will say my peace now and never bring it up again.  What ESPN did with the ESPY’s and Bruce Jenner(always will be Bruce to me) was an absolute disgrace.  He didn’t deserve the Arthur Ashe award and a small part of me thinks he did this for publicity and money which is the Kardashian way.  Before you kill me if him getting this award helps people who are trans gender then yes it was worth it.  And if he is doing his TV show for the same reason then great.  But he would really have my respect if he donated the proceeds from his show to charity and not make a dime off it.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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