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Has there ever been a season that has had so many ups and downs than the Mets.  We haven’t hit the All Star break yet.  There was an 11 game winning streak.  Travis d’Arnaud has been on the DL twice and maybe now it’s time to make him an outfielder or a super utility player.  Even though one injury was via hit by pitch.  From the anemic offense with no help in sight from within and the trade market.  There have been several losing skids which have seemingly put the season on the brink.  Every time this has happened the Mets responded winning games.  The latest is the West Coast trip which was going to put the Mets away and surprise the Mets went 4-2.  They still can’t score runs and for team that has shut down starting pitching all that is needed is 3-4 runs to win.  Now typical to the Mets season where they have a 4-2 West Coast trip there is bad news and prized left handed pitcher Steven Matz will be shut down with a severe lat injury.  This hurts on so many levels as Jonathan Niese who is the best trading chip the Mets have probably needs to stick around as the Mets wait out the Matz injury.  What luck for this team.


So Jason Pierre Paul’s injury was so bad that he had his index finger amputated.  He also broke his thumb and according to the latest reports he will be out for 6 weeks at  least.  What a goof ball this guy is.  Not only did he screw himself up he screwed his team who have paid him handsomely.  Despite the contract fight he is currently in with the Giants his productivity has fallen off.  Still the Giants need him to be the player he was when he was younger.  On top of that he refused to see the Giants when they came down to Florida to visit him.  For those who say it is a time for his privacy to be respected need to shut up .  What he did is moronic and irresponsible.  To play with fireworks and get injured is just ridiculous on so many levels.  And he is not the only NFL player to do this and get hurt.  The Giants pulled his long term offer which he was not going to sign anyway but still.  So now JPP wants his one year tender offer which he was not going to sign to be guaranteed because he knows he will miss some playing time.  The Giants are too smart of an organization to let JPP dictate any terms to him right now.  They know his value and any deals will be signed on their terms not his.  JPP you moron you screwed up royally.

becker novak

serena watson


Congrats to the two best tennis players in the world right now in Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic.  Although as much as I know he was a great player I am a little tired of seeing Boris Becker on tv.  And as much as it is always historic to see a natural  grand slam as Serena would be trying for in NY next month I would love for my favorite tennis player Heather Watson to win this major.

As the All Star Break is now here this has been such  crazy first half littered with long winning and losing streaks and severe injuries effectively ending the season for some teams.  Stay tuned for a review of the first half and a preview of the second half.


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