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Tim Lincecum

You got to feel good for Tim Lincecum. Once the most dominant pitcher in baseball. Then he turned down a mega contract from the Giants because he didn’t feel comfortable playing with that burden or something like that. He then falls off to just a better than average pitcher. Now he does not play for chump change. Yesterday he pitched his second career no hitter. He is still a Giant. As Giant fans and fantasy baseball nuts like me know consistency has been a huge problem for Lincecum. He would pitch great then the next time out he would walk a ton of batters and struggle. There is no explanation. There was no major injury or any injury that we know about. Outside of a little marijuana use he has been a good guy. He has now joined a very exclusive club as one of two pitchers to have 2 cy young awards, 2 world series rings and now 2 no hitters. The other Sandy Koufax.


Mike Francesa

I was listening to the Mike Francesa radio show when the news broke that Tim Lincecum was pitching a no hitter. So Mike points out that there should be an asterisk because the Padres are a weak hitting team. Oh yeah. When David Wells pitched his perfect game against the Twins in 1998 here was their starting lineup :Matt Kawton, Brent Gates, Paul Molitor, Marty Cordova, Ron Coomer, Alex Ochoa, Jon Shave, Javier Valentin & Pat Meares. Molitor aside there wasn’t much in that lineup either. Mike maybe we should go back and look at every no hitter and perfect game and decide which ones were legit or not.

d bryan


For those who don’t watch Wrestling and like to just dismiss it as cheap and unworthy of recognition all you need to do is look at the footage from the locker room after Tim Lincecum pitched a no hitter. He pointing his arms and finger in the air yelling yes. The whole locker room did it. That celebration is what Daniel Bryan does. Bryan is a professional wrestling who is the hottest thing going now. All these players in the 4 major sports watch wrestling. A lot of them like to get involved whether as a guest or actually wrestling a match. The late Ultimate Warrior said it best in his hall of fame speech. “Wrestlers don’t wear sports jerseys. But sport stars wear out t shirts and use our catch phrases.” That is the absolute truth. Even though wrestling is staged entertainment it’s real and loved by many. WWE pay per views can sell out any arena in the world in one day. And that’s the truth.


Clearing Salary

The new fad in the NBA is to clear enough cap space to lure King James to your team. The Rockets are doing it. The Lakers are doing it. The Knicks, Hawks, Bulls etc are all doing it. The Heat his current team are also looking to pay players less to keep James and add more pieces. To be fair Carmelo Anthony is also in this mix as well. But no mistake the King is the ultimate prize. The best player in the world can’t win by himself. Lebron is 2-3 lifetime in the NBA Finals. The year he got the Cavs there he single handle carried his team through the weak Eastern Conference to get smoked in the finals by the Spurs. His 2 losses with the Heat to the Mavericks and Spurs were lost to teams who had many contributors. Sure he has the Big Three and not much else. This past series it was back to the one man show again.

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