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Yankee fans do you miss AROD yet? Before you say no just look at the offense or lack of offense in your infield. The only player hitting is Tex and he can’t seem to stay in the lineup. Plus Solarte is not better defensively than AROD. Not to mention that band wagon has come crashing doen now. Be careful what you wish for. I know AROD brings a lot of drama but he still would be a presence in that lineup. I never believed like most Yankee fans do that he will never play another game for the Yankees. He is needed in your lineup. And the loss of Cano is really starting to show up. I was not a fan of their off season moves signing Ellsbury, Beltran and McCann. I thought it would be ok for 2 years then it would turn into a disaster. Let’s face it this team is in serious trouble and now a days you can’t buy your way out of trouble and no one is going to trade big players to the Yankees again. So I don’t think the Yankees will make the playoffs in Jeter’s farewell season.


Derek Jeter

On the subject of Jeter. I am tired of hearing that Jeter has to start the all-star game because it is his last season even though he clearly does not deserve to be on the team. I know this is all a popularity contest. But we all know this would not be the first time Jeter would be starting the all-star game when he did not deserve it. The All Star Game should celebrate the greatest players at their positions for that season. Jeter looks old and slow and now he is starting to make mental mistakes. I hate to beat a dead horse but for the man who said he didn’t want a big deal made out of his final season should have played the season out and announced his retirement after the season.


Yankee Trades

It is comical to me hearing Yankee fans call local radio stations saying we have to go out and get this guy and get that guy while not offering anything in a trade. We have to get Altuve said one caller. The Yankees don’t have the pieces to get him or Hammel and the Shark from the Cubs. How about we start with Betances and much more. Oh we can’t do that. Yankee fans long gone are the days when teams trade you star players for nothing. Try to develop a player on your own. It does work for other teams.



No Lebron For You

Knick fans you are not getting LeBron James. So please stop trying to figure out how to get him under the cap with Melo. Craig Carton shut up. This is not going to happen. Do you think your smarter than everyone else to come up with that idea with Stoudemire and Bargnani. Stop slapping yourself in the back you front running fair weathered fan. I don’t know where Lebron is going but it won’t be to the Knicks. Pinhead your idea still keeps 2 bad players on the team. The cap problem is one thing. But the bad players are another one.


Officiating Is Bad Everywhere

I have really gotten into the World Cup. And after watching games and seeing highlights I come to the conclusion that officiating is bad in all the major sports as well as the World Cup right down to my coed softball games. How hard is it to do this especially when some of this stuff is so blatant. This guy on Uruguay bites a player on the Italian team and gets no penalty. Uruguay goes on to score a minute later. I don’t know if that is related or not. Then we find out this guy has done this before. And he is still allowed to play. Sure FIFA wants to suspend him now. So now I know Soccer or Futbol is just like any other American sport.

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