Sports Blog 6-24

Sports Blog 6-24
Didn’t you used to be CC Sabathia.
I said it back in April and I will say it again.  The Yankees greatest accomplishment this year will be ending the Mets 11 game winning streak.
Another day another wasted performance by a Mets pitcher.
I would be very disappointed if the Mets don’t honor the memory of Darryl Hamilton with an armband. Not because he was a great player or even one of the greatest in Mets history.  But he was a respected and well liked player by the fan base who do remember him.  The Mets don’t often get these things right.
After MLB rightfully so destroyed 60 million all star ballots The AL leaders are starting to look like they should.  Almost.  MLB is no doubt too late in looking into this disgrace.  Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera are now leading their respective positions which is what should be happening.  That still leaves way too many Kansas City Royals as starters.  It is arguable that none should be voted as starters.  Nelson Cruz, Josh Donaldson and Jose Altuve are closing in on the leads in their positions removing 3 more un deserving Royals.  I can live with Alcides Escobar and Salvador Perez as starters.  But Perez should not set the record for votes by a player.  Not when Stephen Vogt has over 5 million less votes despite being a better player.  I also feel like there shouldn’t be any Royal outfielders starting.  But it appears they will get 2 with Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon getting the nod.  When it is all said and done that leaves 4 Royal players starting the All Star game which is too much.  On one hand I hear what Royal fans are saying.  We are voting for our players.  That is the difference between a home town fan and a knowledgable fan of the game.  Look at the National League starters.  They are just about who should be there.  Royal fans say go out and vote for your players like we do.  On the other hand and this is jointly MLB’s fault too.  You can’t allow an email address to vote 35 times.  Hell I have 10 email addresses I can use which would be 350 votes by one person.  That is a joke.
WWE brought back Tough Enough last night on the USA Network.  I must say I like this version better.  It is not a pre taped show from a couple of months ago.   The fans control who stays and goes.  Hulk Hogan was great as a judge.  Daniel Bryan needs something to do right now.  I am kind of surprised Paige is a judge.  But since we are talking about one night a week that is fine.  Chris Jericho is the host and leads you right into the postgame  show on the WWE Network hosted by the Miz who is perfect to be involved in this.

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