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So there are only 3 players in MLB to be a part of one of the most prestigious clubs in all of sports.  That is the 3000 hits and 600 home runs club.  Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and this Scarlet Lettered player.  In fact he has also joined another even more exclusive club with his 2000th RBI joining Aaron.  And to put this into even more astronomical place with 40 more runs scored he joins Aaron as the only two players in MLB history to have 600 Homers, 2000 RBI’s, 3000 Hits and 2000 Runs Scored.  That is incredible.  I am talking about none other than Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez.  Think about that.  And because of PED’s he won’t get into the hall of fame despite the fact that you would think he is clean now at 40 years old batting .281 with 14 homers and 40 RBI’s.  Let’s go a step further.  The pitcher with the most strikeouts in MLB history and the hitter with the most Homeruns in MLB history both are not going into the hall of fame for the same reason as AROD.

Pete Rose


Is that was not bad enough for MLB now they have to deal with this Pete Rose situation.  I find it more than a coincidence that now that he is starting to get involved in MLB activities the report becomes public that he bet on is own team while playing, something he has consistently denied.  The court of public opinion has already spoken without seeing a shred of evidence.  And you have to figure MLB knew about this when the report was sealed.  if this is true how could anyone be surprised he did this.  A gambler is a gambler.  I just find it strange that this comes out now.


terry collins

Let’s see what creative way Terry Collins can screw up tonight’s game.  Or better yet how much more futile the Mets bats can be.

P Diddy

As for P Diddy I am dying to see what this supposed video shows.  Why is he always around when bad stuff happens.  I will wait to see the facts.  But why is Diddy even on campus.  His presence can only hurt his son.


The NBA draft is this week and for the first time in a long while there seems to be alot of juice.  The Lakers who are desperate to make a big splash may trade the # 2 pick or make a huge trade.  If they can somehow get DeMarcus Cousins without giving up that pick that will be amazing.  The Knicks are reportedly looking to trade down plus pick up a player.  A move like that if it backfires will set the Knicks back a few years.

brock lesnar

Glad to see Brock Lesnar back.  Not glad to see the continuation of this stupid and played out authority angle.  I fully expect Brock to crush Seth Rollins at Battleground next month.  WWE is going all out to make Brock bigger than he is now.


So tired of the Bella’s winning matches.  At least Alicia Fox is now in the top level of the Divas division where she belongs.  Where is Natty though?


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