Sports Blog 6-15

Sports Blog 6-15

Lebron 3

So Lebron gets a triple double 40-14-11 and even shoots a decent 15-34.  Has 5 more assists than his whole team combined.  Has more than one third of his teams total rebounds and plays 45 minutes with only 2 turnovers and you tell me where and when Jordan played a game this good in the playoffs.  Yet the Cavs lost and are on the brink of elimination and the Jordan people will get on Lebron for not willing his team to win.  This is perhaps the finest Lebron has played taking a team of role players into the finals.  With no Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving you knew it would be tough to win but if this series goes 7 games you may actually the best player in the sport will his team to win.  Afterall if the shots don’t fall for a jump shooting team like the Warriors then the Cavs have a realistic shot in a potential game 7.
Hey didn’t you used to be Rickie Weeks that the Mariners just designated for assignment.  Weeks is not a bad player to take a flier out on.  Are you listening Sandy Alderson.  Give the M’s a call and see what it would take to bring him over.  Shoot I would even take a chance on Dustin Ackley.  I know that big deal is not out there right now.  But Sandy show me you have a pulse and at least inquire about Weeks.
gatorsfsu 2
So there is a report that student athletes at Florida and Florida State are less likely to get prosecuted for crimes than regular students at the same school.  Really?  FLorida also has harbored the most players arrested since 2000.  Really?  It figures.  Urban Meyer who was the head coach for alot of those Gator teams would give a lamp scholarship if he could play.  Jimbo FIsher proved last year that he is both dillusional and does not care about anything but winning the way he talked about his players specifically Jaemis Winston.
Now you can officially get on the Mets.  This whole Dillon Gee situation is partly their fault.  He should have been traded in the off season.  But Alderson may have been asking for too much for him.  You can’t tell me there was no market for Gee.  Now we come to the season and Gee has been bounced around pretty good.  Gee has not helped himself by the way he has pitched and his refusal to make one start in the minors while the Mets try to clear up this log jam.  Now his value is zero and the Mets won’t get anything for him as they designated him for assignment today.  It is Steven Matz time now.


DFA Trade.  mets trade Gee to the Mariners for Weeks


bella cena

It’s good to be Mrs Cena.  Not only does the WWE always have John on top.  But now his main squeeze can’t lose the strap either.

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