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What a disaster the Lakers have become?  Signing Lebron James could turn out to be a colossal mistake.  Does Magic Johnson really not listen to anyone but himself?  Magic was a great player.  But he was a horrible coach and he is turning out to be a horrible GM.  They offered the farm for Anthony Davis and they should be lucky the Pelicans were stupid enough to turn the trade down.  Lonzo Ball has potential but has been hurt in both his seasons.  Brandon Ingram has a blood clot in his shoulder.  Let’s pray he is ok.  Lebron is running this organization and he is just throwing everyone under the bus.  This franchise has been a mess since the Chris Paul trade was vetoed by the commissioner.

While I am on the subject of the Chris Paul trade how does Gregg Popovich not get into trouble for tampering when he tells the Pelicans GM not to trade with the Lakers.  Dell Demps who was fired considers Popovich his mentor.

Let’s face it.  The NBA is the biggest joke of them all.  When the players openly recruit other players under contract or conspire with other potential free agents to join them no wonder why only 3 or 4 teams have a legit chance to win the championship.  I don’t know how the NBA can fix this.  But this is becoming the worst sport of the big 4.

Bryce Harper should worry less about recruiting Mike Trout and worry more about not saying the wrong team name in press conferences.  You wanted 30 million a year then lead this team to a championship.  Not campaign to get more players to Philly.

Yankee fans do you still think you have enough pitching?  Luis Severino is hurting.  CC Sabathia is on his last legs.  Tanaka’s elbow could explode any day.  Paxton has never played a full season.  While I applaud the Yankees for being more fiscally responsible and possibly waiting for the player they want to hit the market and not spend foolishly but you have to win sometime before this young core blows up their payroill.

Bravo to the Raiders.  Absolutely brilliant trade.  A 3 and a 5 for Antonio Brown.  And they still have all 3 of their first round picks left.  With 5 picks in the top 66 of the draft if they choose wisely they could be a major factor in the next few years.

So the Giants traded Odell Beckham Jr.  I can understand why Giant fans don’t like this trade.  But in reality the headache is over.  He was becoming a massive distraction.  He is always hurt.  And he does not play good in big games.  Could the Giants have squeezed more out of the Browns?  Maybe.  But at the end of the day they got a good haul.  Now Dave Gettleman has to make the right picks.  I am anxious to see what they do in the draft.  You can’t worry about what this does to their salary cap for this year.  Yes it’s a hit.  Maybe they can snag a player like Golden Tate to pair with Sterling Sheppard.

Listening to Steve Somers on the fan makes me want to tell him to retire.  He said the Giants traded their 3 best players away.  What about Saquan Barkley who is their best player and the face of the franchise?

You have to feel for the Jets.  This was supposed to be their off season.  The Jets were supposed to spend the money they have amassed over the last couple of years and made the next step to being a contender for the next 10 years.  What have they done?  Anthony Barr agrees to a deal then backs out of it to go back to his former team the Vikings.  What weapons did they sign for Sam Darnold?  Jamison Crowder?  Are they going to sign Le’vean Bell?  Well after tonight’s Browns trade it is clear there are several teams firmly ahead of the Jets.  The Browns, Chiefs, Chargers, Patriots and Colts are clearly a full notch ahead of the Jets and free agency is still not over.  We haven’t had the draft yet.  The Jet fans thought this was their time.  Not so fast.

The NFL offseason is now becoming just like the MLB offseason.  A lot of players are changing teams via free agency and now off season trading is at an all-time high.  This adds even more sizzle to the off season.  And I absolutely love it.  You can really go from a 4 win team to a 10 win team with just one good offseason.

So I need to edit this in as the Jets have signed Le’Veon Bell in a move they absolutey needed to make.  Once the Browns made their strike and with other teams improving around them the Jets were needed to make a major splash and had to bid the highest amount of money to get Bell.  If he comes to play it will be worth it.  Darnold gets his first true weapon.  This in my opinion does not jump the Jets to the top of the pack in the AFC but still they could not let him go to a team like the Colts or Ravens.

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