Sports Blog 2-6

Sports Blog 2-6

Hey Warren Sapp.  How dumb are you to get arrested for soliciting a prostitute.  This may cost you your NFL Network job an Inside The NFL.  Chalk up another one for Mike Strahan

Hey Hot Tub Johnny Manziel.  So your going to rehab.  Good for you.  Get yourself right because an NFL quarterback is a damn hard job.

Hey Seattle Seahawk fans.  Stop blaming the loss on that one bad call.  Tom Brady carved up your vaunted defense in the 4th quarter.

It’s 11 PM EST.  Hey Roger Goodell did any NFL players get arrested today.

Hey Pete Carroll stop trying to defend your horrible call of passing instead of running the ball. You don’t make sense.

What team does not try to find an advantage.  is it cheating or gamesmanship?

Hey Lebron.  Coming off the bench?  What’s up with that.

So who is tried of talking and hearing about the last play of the Super Bowl?  Let’s get spring training going already.

Hey Sandy Alderson so this Mets team the way it is can compete.  Who is your short stop?

Hey Josh Gordon.  You must be the dumbest man on earth.


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