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So Alex Rodriguez apoligized for what he did and said.  I suppose he needed to say something.  But let’s face it he is in a no win situation.  He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  If he stays quiet the fans and press will eat him up.  Now that he has spoken it was not enough.  What would be enough.  Should he sit on a podium and answer questions for 5 hours.  Bottom line is no one, not the fans or the press will be satisfied until they get the answers they want.  AROD is no different than alot of other ball players except he went to greater lengths to deny what he did.  If you were owed 25 million maybe you would too.  Forget the fact that MLB and Bud Selig targeted him and used the testimony of a criminal who they paid money to and paid to keep him secure and god knows what else they did who is now going to jail for 4 years for what he did.  That same person who said there is more players out there cheating that MLB has not even attempted to go after.  Let’s also not forget the Yankees hung him out to dry.  Not because he was cheating but because he was not effective anymore and were hoping to find a loop hole to get out of his contract.  Had AROD still been hitting homers I guarantee the Yankees would have acted differently.

The problem with free speech is that anybody can say anything they want and someone will defend their right to do so no matter ow moronic and stupid it is.  So Paul Harris here is your 5 minutes of fame where you look stupid.  I am attaching his letter regarding AROD’s apology.


Hey Paul Harris we all know you meant to say WWE because the WWF hasn’t gone by those letters since 2001.  If your going to write a letter at least have your facts straight.  You knew enough to put WWF in your letter so you obviously know what it is.  Check your facts because that is the fastest way to lose credibility.  Secondly the statement of “Many players in your position have shown humility and told the truth about steroids” lets me believe your another one of those dumb Yankee fans who believes Andy Pettitte’s story.  He lied to the fans and he lied to the supreme court.  Deal with it.  Was Jason Giambi showing humility? Was David Justice showing humility?  These are players who helped the Yankees win games while using these substances.  Hey Paul did you believe in the integrity of the game when Jason Giambi who the whole world knew was using steroids was signed by the Yankees and was winning games for them.  Put Roger Clemens in that category too.  What about Jeffrey Meier when he took a ball over the fence that would have been caught by the Orioles Right Fielder Tony Tarrasco forever changing that playoff game.  No instead the kid is made an instant hero who the Yankees and their fans celebrated.  The Yankees are this great franchise but have they always showed integrity.  In case you haven’t noticed professional sports is about power and money just like most things in life.  The Yankees have it and threw money around because they could to buy the best team money can buy.  AROD wrote the letter because he had to you moron.  he would have been killed either way.  Whether he said something or not.  Now that the Yankees don’t have the same power they used to have ad their money no longer draws the best players let’s see if you are as passionate and loyal as you claim to be.


So the Yankees are retiring more numbers.  Ha.  This is becoming a joke.  Seriously.  Are the Yankees going to retire and revere every player’s uniform number who did something great for this franchise?  This is excactly why the Yankees are hated.  They want everyone to look at them on some kind of pedestal.  Shouldn’t players who get their numbers retired be in the baseball hall of fame or play more than a few years with that team?  Officially the Yankees have retired 18 numbers with 3 more getting retired this season.  The three getting retired this year(Andy Pettitte, Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada) don’t deserve and shouldn’t be retired.  Reggie Jackson and Don Mattingly also don’t deserve those honors.  Just look at some of the players who have had their numbers retired already.  Are any of the players in recent memory on the same level as Ruth, Gherig, DiMaggio, Mantle and Rivera who are all the best of the best at their positions.  Pretty soon the Yankees are going to run out of numbers.

bosch1 bosch2


So finally the credible witness and the smoking gun MLB used to get AROD thrown out of baseball for a year and who protected and cleaned up and paid is finally getting his just due.  The fact that MLB used this guy as a witness is a joke and now he is going to jail.  Bosch might know what he speaks but MLB and Bud Selig had no intentions of going after anybody except for AROD.  Evan after Bosch said on national TV that there are more players still cheating.  Why haven’t we heard about MLB going after more players.  To Selig AROD was the booby prize and the only way he felt he could get his legacy back on track.  Well this game is still tainted and infected by PED’s and let’s hope Rob Manfredi will clean all of it up.

kentuckyjohn calipari

The Kentucky WIldcats won again last night to remain undefeated this season.  Whether you like him or hate him John Calipari has done an incredible job since he took over as the head coach at Kentucky.  What is even more impressive is that he seemingly has to start over every season by bringing in more top recruits.  Often players are one and done at Kentucky and one would have to wonder how good would some of these teams be if Coach Cal can keep them together for more than one year.  I am hoping for a team to go all the way undefeated.  Wichita State went undefeated until the NCAA tournament until you Cal and the Wildcats eliminated them.




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