Sports Blog 11-4

Sports Blog 11-4

Ray RayRay Lewis is a clown.  A lot of which he says is ridiculous.  But the way he described the first touchdown the Colts scored Monday night just shows you how he has nothing to say or add.  He said his son’s Pop Warner team could do a better job than the Giants defense.  Well the announcers described exactly what happened on that play.  The Giants were trying to challenge the previous play and Andrew Luck quick snapped them while they were out of position.  Still no excuse for that but Ray Ray know what’s going on before you slam the Giants defense.

luckWhile we are on the subject of the Giants defense.  I think they played as hard as they could.  Injuries are killing this team again.  Prince got hurt and is out for the year.  DRC is hobbling.  They just don’t have the man power in the secondary to contain a superior quarterback like Andrew Luck.  And he was getting hit on every play.  It was amazing to see this guy stand there and look a blitzing defender in the eyes and throw the ball like he was not even there and shake off a huge hit like it was nothing.  The rest of the league better beware.

peyton bradyThe big thing I take out of Sunday’s Patriots/Broncos game was not that Peyton Manning lost to Tom Brady again.  Or that the Patriots are so much better than the Broncos.  What I did take out of that game is that Brady has much more zip on the fast ball than Manning does.  Manning still has fabulous touch on his passes but he really can’t put any stink on that ball anymore.  Maybe once in a while.  Brady is still nasty and the ball was humming out of his hand.  Brady has I think 5 more years in him.  Manning only has a couple or maybe just one more year after this one.

ncaa footballThe college football playoff rankings came out again tonight just like they will for the rest of November.  We all sit on pins and needles waiting to see what the committee will do.  Then we see the rankings and realize a lot of these teams will be playing each other and have tough games against other teams left.  The phrase running the table was applied to a bunch of different teams.  Problem is it never seems to work out that way.  As I stated in a post 2 weeks ago I believe all the SEC teams will have at least 2 losses ensuring the most that conference will get in is their champion.   I painted a scenario where none get in.  While the idea of a playoff is great and we are having a lot of fun debating the teams and predicting the rest of the season we still will have teams getting shut out for no other reason than the committee just not selecting them.  The one thing we are sure about is that this month of November will be wild and exciting.

lagaresI would like to congratulate Juan Lagares for winning his first Gold Glove award.  Lagares had to cover that huge centerfield at Citi Field plus cover for the bad defenders to his left and right.  As a Mets fan we know just how good this guy is.  Congrats to him and all the other gold glove winners.

lakersThe Lakers will be bad this year.  Make that real bad.  And there is all this talk about how they would love to have Steve Nash mentor the young Lakers.  The problem here is that Jim Buss is not his father and has no idea how to run a franchise.  If they can get something for the expiring contract or some exception or whatever the NBA allows them to get in a trade with another team that brings a draft pick back to the Lakers then this trade must be done.  The Lakers need to start obtaining as many assets as possible.  I am sure the team that gets Nash will waive him and then you can bring him back as an advisor/mentor.  They are on the fast track for the first pick in the draft.  If someone wants Nash then I expect the Lakers to make the deal.



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