Sports Blog 11-22

Sports Blog 11-22


BelichickYou might hate Bill Belichick.  You might hate spy gate and his attitude.  You might hate the way he left the Jets.  You just might hate him period.  But you have to respect someone who always puts the team first.  Jonas Gray who just rushed for 199 yards and 4 touchdowns vs the Colts showed up to practice late and was sent home.  Just like Darrell Revis was earlier in the year.  Kudos to you for following the rules and treating everyone the same.  I have heard some people say would he ever do that to Tom Brady?  Has Tom ever been late?  Who knows.

bills 2

For those who are upset that the NFL moved the Jets/Bills game from Buffalo to Detroit Monday night you really need to get your head examined.  With 8 feet of snow in some parts and public safety a huge issue not to mention the impending warm temperature coming which will no doubt melt a lot of that snow causing floods there was nothing the league could do here.  The games must go on and we have seen games moved before like when the roof of the Metrodome was damaged and the game was moved to Tuesday night in another city.  The people of Buffalo should be worried about their houses and property and how to get rid of all that snow before flooding occurs.

Daniel snyder

The situation in Washington is getting ugly.  RG3 has already got Mike Shanahan fired.  That wasn’t the only reason he was fired but new head coach Jay Gruden is already frustrated by his performance or lack there of.  I have said repeatedly that I don’t think RG3 will be a great player and always felt he has a five year shelf life as a starter.  When does the plug get pulled on his career as a starter?  Gruden’s comments this week tell you that RG3 is more like a project than a Heisman winning player.  He has attacked his teammates when as a QB you must take the whole burden on your shoulders.  I remember my late father(who would have been a fine coach if he took that route) would always say as QB when you win you give the credit to everybody else and when you lose you take all the blame.  Look at the great ones.  Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers never take any credit when they win.  It’s always about the offensive line and the running backs and the receivers.  We all know they are great players and tooting of their horns are not required.  For RG3 it always seems like he wants validation.  Listen to the post game press conferences and you will see a world of difference from those guys compared to RG3.  The problem is the owner loves him and the Skins gave up too much to give up on him now.


While we are on the subject of the Heisman trophy does anyone really care.  The playoff rankings have garnered all the attention week in and week out that you really don’t even hear any talk about the award aside from a quick one liner.  Normally this time of year there are articles and interviews and conversation all over the place.  Who is the favorite?  Who should win?  Do you care?

college football playoff trophy

With no real big matchups this week the NFL playoff standings should remain intact unless there is an upset.  So where are we now?  The rankings are currently

  1. Alabama 2. Oregon, 3 Florida State, 4. Miss State, 5. TCU, 6. Ohio State, 7 Baylor, 8 Ole Miss.  This is as much as you need.  Clearly if the top 3 win out they are in.  Miss State at 4 is a question mark.  They may need the SEC championship game to get there which would mean that Alabama has lost eliminating them.  TCU at 5 and Baylor at 7 I don’t think either have a shot unless some upsets occur.  Ohio State at 6 I believe if they win out which for them hopefully will include a victory over Wisconsin in the Big 10 championship game who can be ranked near or in the top 10 by the time that game gets played.  I have been rooting for chaos for a month now and want to see what the committee would do if every SEC team including the conference champion has 2 losses and there are 4 teams with none or one loss(FSU, Oregon, Ohio State, TCU and Baylor) still around.  When I wrote the article on this site I envisioned a one loss Notre Dame team in the mix.  They would definitely be invited to the party.  The 2 Big 12 teams are not appealing but make an interesting article.  Now there are different scenarios in regards to the SEC all of which have every team having 2 losses including the champion.

Scenario 1.  Alabama loses the SEC championship game to Missouri.  Ole Miss beats Miss State.

Scenario 2 Alabama loses to Auburn and Miss State loses the championship game to Missouri.

Scenario 3 Alabama loses to Auburn and Ole Miss beats Miss State and loses the championship game to Missouri.

Can this happen?  Absolutely.  Alabama plays Auburn next week as does Miss State and Ole Miss.  Missouri has 2 losses and if they win out are the SEC East champs.  If they slip up then Georgia goes and while ranked 10th would they move up and make the playoffs if they are the champs cause we know Missouri has no chance.  If this plays out then this will be interesting.

Stanton 1

I am trying to figure out how signing that 325 million dollar contract was a tough decision that kept you up at night Giancarlo.  Firstly the contract is guaranteed.  Do you know what that means?  You get paid whether you are hurt or not.  You get paid whether you play good or you stink.  You get paid no matter if the team wins or not.  You get paid regardless if 10,000 fans show up to watch Marlins games or not.  And you have an opt out clause.  I don’t live in South Florida but know plenty of people who do.  I know there is no pressure or expectations on the Marlins.  I know no one cares about baseball down south.  The Marlins have done so many stupid and unexplainable things over the years that no one is making a big deal out of this contract.  Stanton if you signed this contract in a NY market you would have a real reason to be nervous.  But kudos to you sir you certainly just did hit the lottery.



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