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So it’s clear Jeurys Familia is no Mariano RIvera.  Who is?  But Met fans should not be surprised by this.  Familia blew 3 saves in the World Series last year and hardly is automatic despite having 51 saves.  A good amount of those saves have Familia cleaning up a mess he made.  So last night should not be a surprise.  Throw strikes.  Stop nibbling.  Go after hitters.  What do the Mets do about this?  Nothing.  They are going to live and die by him and hope the next time they get to October baseball he gets the job done.  Comparison s are starting to be made to Armando Benitez.  Oh NO.


bumgarner noah


The marquee matchup of stud pitchers last night did not disappoint with a combined 16 scoreless innings pitched with 6 hits 5 walks and 16 strikeouts.  Noah Syndergaard was up to the challenge by tossing 7 of those innings.  Despite his team not scoring any runs for him Thor is starting to write an impressive post season resume in his first two years in the majors.  His counterpart Madison Bumgarner keeps adding to his legend by tossing a shutout extending his scoreless innings streak to 23 in elimination games.  Thor deserved better but Madison is flat out a beast and is without a doubt the best post season pitcher in the game today.



Is anyone else tired of this Odell Beckham Jr story?  I know I am and won’t discuss it.

Cole Hamels


Someone tell Cole Hamels he was supposed to pitch today.

cards 2

Didn’t you used to be the Arizona Cardinals.  Lose tonight and season is done.


Temple Memphis


When Temple/Memphis is your headline game on a Thursday night we all better pray the Redsox/Indians game does not turn out to be the Jays/Rangers debacle.




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