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So everyone is talking about the 78-0 drubbing Michigan put on Rutgers.  The Jim Harbaugh haters and saying typical bully move by a bully coach.  Aside from faking an extra point in the 1st qtr what was Harbaugh supposed to do. Tell his players to stop playing.  Michigan ran the ball the whole second half.  And ran it up the middle with second and third string players.  If Rutgers can’t tackle that is not on Harbaugh.  Bottom line Rutgers is only in the Big 10 for the money.  Admittedly I had no idea Ohio State scheduled a coaching camp the same day Michigan already had one scheduled.  Plus the RU head coach last coached under Urban Meyer.  I remember the last year of the Brady Hoke error where Michigan was just an awful team.  Rutgers won in New Jersey and celebrated like they won the Super Bowl.  I always thought there would be payback.  Rutgers only had 2 first downs the whole game.  Was Harbaugh supposed to take knees the whole second half and let Rutgers score points.  If you want to blame someone for this performance blame Rutgers and their lack of effort.

houston cougars navy

It’s fun to listen to all the experts and fans calling in the talk shows saying how Houston can get into the playoff or how Louisville with a win over un beaten Houston can get into the playoff.  Someone forgot to tell the Naval Academy they were a footnote on Houston’s ride to prominence.  In case you haven’t noticed the Midshipmen are a damn fine team and have been for a long time now.  It’s not only impossible but a waste of time to predict or guess who will be in the playoff until we get to mid to late November.  What if a top ranked team had to play in the weather conditions we saw yesterday in North Carolina.  Those games are real toss ups.


Cubs Giants

I have to admit I really wanted to see some panic with the Cubs having to face perhaps the best post season pitcher since Sandy Koufax staring down potentially a 2-1 series deficit.  Now it’s moot.  The Cubs will win in 4.  And will go to the World Series unless they get tight in the NLCS for some reason.



Let’s hope we are not talking about Odell Beckham Jr all week next week.

brian kelly Notre Dame 1

It’s time for Notre Dame to look for a new head coach.  I understand the conditions yesterday were ridiculous and the game should probably not have been played.  But Brian Kelly who is supposed to be a genius play caller had some strange ones yesterday.  But this goes far beyond yesterday’s game.  He does not know how to handle a big game down the stretch when it’s close.  His use of the two point conversions is a joke.  His defense has been a huge joke.  And his sideline demenaor always screaming at his players is also a joke.  As an Irish fan it’s time to start over and bring in a top name.


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