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Wow what a game 7.  There is one main story but there are several other thing to point out.

Madison Bumgarner.  The best pitching performance in the world series ever.  Just amazing.  The Giants will have to pay him more than Lincecum turned down.  Did someone say cha ching.  Wow he is not a free agent for a couple of years.  Yikes.

Bruce Bochy is now a hall of fame manager.

Pablo Sandoval.  The Kung Fu Panda is an under rated player.  The Giants must resign him.

Hunter Pence was involved in all the scoring rallies.  Very under rated and overlooked player.

Ned Yost almost in tears after the game in the interview room.

Was Alex Gordon busting it out of the box right away or did he turn the jets on when he saw the ball drop.  As the play stands he would have been nailed at the plate however it would have been ironic if he was called safe cause Posey was blocking the plate.

Tip your hat to the Royals.  No one expected them to get here and they never will again.

Royal fans going crazy for the ESPN cameras after the game 7 loss.

I wonder what George Brett was thinking last night during the ninth inning.  Eventually you will think Herrera and Davis want to close themselves and I can’t imagine Holland makes any money.

Does anyone find it strange that the Redskins after winning 2 straight games with Colt McCoy would start RG3 this week with a buy next week.  Why not give him 2 more weeks to get more healthy.  Or is Daniel Snyder afraid that McCoy will lead the team to a third straight win vs a beatable Vikings team cause he desperately wants RG3 to be his guy.  I am not saying McCoy is the guy just saying.

So Tony Romo is a game time decision next week.  Why did he even go back into the game and how much of that was Jerry’s influence.

It’s going to be a long year in Laker land.

Alex Rodriguez is officially off suspension.  And now becomes the biggest drawing card in the Bronx.

The first NCAA football playoff rankings came out today.  Mississippi State and FSU and Auburn had the first 3 spots.  The 4th spot went to Ole Miss over Alabama.  Despite losing this past Saturday night Ole Miss gets the # 4 spot because of a head to head victory over Bama.  This weekend is littered with big time matchups that will further rock the standings such as # 3 Auburn vs # 4 Ole Miss.




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