Sports Blog 10-21

Hey Mike Tomlin.  What are you doing throwing the ball twice when running the ball could have killed the clock.  Texans might have scored if they recovered that onside kick.  Especially after you got a gift at the end of the first half.  Which leads me to

Hey Bill OBrien.  Your QB is not good.  You just blew a 13 point lead in seconds.  The momentum had changed at 17-13.  Run the ball and go into the locker room and catch your breath.  Good old Ryan Fitzpatrick gave away another 7 points.

Hey Brian Kelly enough about the pass interference call.  I think it was bogus too but get your team to win all its remaining games and you will be in the playoffs.  I don’t think many teams want to play this team now.

Hey John Idzik too little too late.  while I agree this is a no brainer move it can backfire big time.  You still haven’t proven your a competent GM.  Be a Jet, Act like a Jet, Play like a Jet.  What the hell does that mean.

Hey Rex Ryan does everyone have to fit in your clubhouse only to find out a year later that player was a problem.  This is going to be another diva WR who is a headache.

Hey Jimbo Fisher.  Yeah you’ll punish Jaemis if it needs to be done.  That ship has sailed sir.  Winning games is more important than character.  To be fair a lot of coaches are the same way.  Your paid to win games.  But please stop talking about the high character and dignity of your program and QB when we all know it’s not true.  Can’t some one high up in that university get him to shut up.

Hey Florida State University.  I remember the whole Peter Warrick/Lavernius Coles incident from years ago.  Both did the same crime.  Coles was cut off and Warrick was saved because he was the better player.  Ole Lavernius for the last laugh for he was a better NFL player by far.

Hey Jarrod Dyson any predictions on the World Series or will you wait til the Royals are up 2-0 to say the Royals will win the series.  How about actually becoming a starter then opening your mouth.

Hey Pete Carroll glad to see some bad times for you.  The way you left USC like a rat in the night shows the world who you really are.  Then actually saying you had no idea what was going on at USC.  Yeah right.

Hey Craig Carton you constantly prove on a daily basis why your a moron. The Jets are not capable of running a dishwasher let alone the table of 9 remaining games.

Hey Jon Gruden to describe jadeveon Clowney as a disappointment is a little far fetched.  If he had been playing and didn’t do anything then you could say that.

Hey Florida Gator fans stop being so spoiled and support your team.  If your coach is that bad make your feeling known.  The Gators have won a lot and were a power house for years.  Don’t be spoiled brats.

Hey Mike Pettine how long before Johnny Football gets his first start.

Hey Jason Garrett is your plan to wear down your fragile Running Back shaving years off his career and blowing up your season in December?



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