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Marshawn Lynch has embarrassed the NFL this whole week.  He shows up for the media sessions because he was told he has to be but he doesn’t answer any questions.  Instead he just said the same line over and over again.  I don’t want to get fined.  If the league is going to force him to be there and not answer questions then why bother.  Lynch does not understand that the NFL Is so profitable because of the media platforms it’s on now.  You would think he would use these platforms to publicize his charity work with kids in his home town.  Lynch won’t ever get it and if this keeps him out of the hall of fame it would be unfortunate but lt’s his own doing.  Now the NFL said he is possibly facing a fine for wearing his own hat which sold out immediately at 33 dollars a pop. Make no mistake about it the NFL wants their cut for the hat.   As unfair as you might think It is but if Lynch played in the CFL nobody would know who he is.  NFL in their usual response lately “We are not dealing with this until after the super bowl”.

goodell selig

Where has the leadership gone in our two biggest sports, Baseball & Football.  The chaos these two sports are in now in my opinion has as much to do with the leaders of the sports.   Bud Selig who recently stepped down basically saw the tradition and history and pureness of baseball evaporate as he made his fellow owners(Bud is a former owner who gave his team to his daughter) a lot of money.  Roger Goodell just only cares about making money.  That is clearly obvious.  David Stern handed the NBA to Adam Silver in pretty good shape.  So we thought.  The Donald Sterling scandal could have blown up but Silver squashed that as quickly and legally as he could.  In fact as we found out Sterling was the way he was for a long time and basically was ignored.  Gary Bettman is the first official commissioner of the NHL and has the hardest job of them all.  He had to try to make a sport that was largely Canadian and European into an American sport.  He has done a good job in that.  As good as he can.  But let’s look at Selig.  When I think about his tenure I will think about steroids and PED’s.  The game is no longer pure.  The records that were set during his tenure are questionable.  We will always wonder if that player was clean or juicing.  The Hall Of Fame is questionable too.  All of this because Selig and the other owners looked the other way and chose to make money instead of keeping the game pure.  Goodell too has made the owners a ton of money.  Along the way his players are totally out of control and the appearance and in some ways the facts show that he has no control of anything.  From Ray RIce to Adrian Peterson to the Patriots and to Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman.  Goodell looks bad in every way from every angle.


This could be a dangerous game the Yankees are playing with Alex Rodriguez.  First AROD wanted to apologize to the Yankees and he was denied that opportunity until the Yanks are ready I guess.  That is kind of a childish approach to take.  I know AROD was looking to sue the Yankees and said some things about their doctors and other stuff.  But can you really blame him.  He was going to get suspended and lose a lot of money, money the Yanks were off the hook for by the way.  The Yankees didn’t back him.  That was obvious.  They backed Jason Giambi but not AROD.  I know AROD can be a problem and his body was breaking down.  The Yankees showed no loyalty to this player.  They created this beast too.  When AROD resigned with the Yanks they were the only team who can afford him.  Everyone knew the whispers about his steroid use.  Just like Giambi before him the Yanks didn’t care as long as he produced on the field.  Once that went away he was useless just an overpaid piece of meat.  It was the Yankee who put the millions of dollars incentive clauses in the contract that they now want to void.  Too bad Brian Cashman.  Your the ones who put those clauses in.  You have to eat it now.  But more importantly with how bad the Yankee offense was last year you should be hoping AROD comes back and is 75 percent of what he once was.


You have to give it to Richard Sherman.  Bob Kraft was right.  He really knows how to market himself.  Now there is a chance that he will miss the Super Bowl if his girlfriend goes into labor.  She is due February 12th.  This is something that shouldn’t even be a story.  It only is because Sherman chose to make it pubic.  Granted both the Super Bowl and the birth of your child are very rare experiences that don’t happen too many times in your life.  Sherman has marketed himself brilliantly and has most importantly backed it up on the field.  He escaped Compton and was smart enough to graduate from Stanford.  So he is obviously vey intelligent.  His brash and cocky ways got him the spotlight but just like this story about his unborn child he always tries to show the other side of him.  He even has people calling his unborn son little petey.  There is never a dull moment when Richard Sherman is around.

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