Sports Blog 1-27

Sports Blog 1-27

How bad is the NFL right now.  There is so much chaos going on right now and the biggest media week of the year is not even half over.  Commissioner Roger Goodell has completely lost control of this league.

Deflate Gate won’t go away nor should it.  Even if you think it’s ridiculous and doesn’t mean anything or if your just plain tired of the subject like me it needs to be resolved.  The NFL does not want to resolve this either until after the Super Bowl.  They can’t suspend Brady for this game if he is found liable.  And we all know this will get blamed on some poor equipment worker.

How Marshawn Lynch gets away with this is just a joke.  During media day his answer to every question is I am only here because I don’t want to get fined.  I would fine him hard just for that.

Richard Sherman saying the Patriots get away with everything because of the friendship between owner Robert Kraft and Goodell.  No one says a ward about it.  No fines from the NFL.

Bob Kraft says the NFL owes the Patriots an apology. That is amazing.  The Pats get caught cheating again and they demand an apology.

Tom Brady got his feelings hurt.

Bill Belichick gave this scientific explanation that Bill Nye the Science guy refutes.

I thought that Dallas Cowgirl fan was the dumbest person in the world to sue the NFL for the Cowboys losing the game to the Packers.  Now Baltimore fan Scott Latshaw might be the dumbest person In the world.  He has a petition to play the AFC Championship game over without the Patriots but with the Ravens playing the Colts  Hey dummy do you realize this will never happen.  The Super Bowl is 5 days away.  Even if the Super Bowl was 2 weeks away you got no chance of winning that petition.  We should have a petition to prevent people like Latshaw from starting stupid petitions.

But I am glad to see some good old fashioned trash talking now.  Lane saying Gronk is no big deal when he won’t even be guarding him.  Doug Baldwin who said he is bringing sunblock to Revis Island.  Baldwin is about to embarrass himself.

It’s amazing how Ray Lewis can continue to open his mouth and say dumb stuff.

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