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Everyone is talking about “Deflate Gate” like it’s some national scam.  I get the people who hate the Patriots and we have been given a lot of reasons to hate them.  Make no mistake the ultimate reason for hating them is winning.  They win the division every year so blame the Bills, Dolphins and the Jets for that.  To me if the NFL referees check all balls before the game and they gave them the ok then the real person to be made at was the referee who checked the balls.  Besides that It rained through out that game so as the referee was holding the ball under a towel wouldn’t he know the ball was lighter or deflated?  Surely a referee would be able to determine if the ball was deflated.  But people this is no different than what every other team or players do in other sports.  From hockey players who have a slightly longer blade or baseball players with too much pine tar or pitchers doctoring the ball.  In the case of hockey sticks I have seen games where the opposing team is aware of this and let’s the player play the whole game with the illegal stick and only says something to gain a power play late in the game.

Bill Parcells had a great story today in the Daily News about Bill Walsh and the phones not working.  Parcells said that Walsh told him that his phones were not working so Parcells couldn’t use his phones.  Walsh had his first 15 offensive plays scripted and never changed them so he didn’t need the phones but didn’t want Parcells to use them.  Or what about the Pine Tar Game.  If the Yankees knew or thought Brett had too much pine tar on his bat then why wait until he hits a potential game winning homerun.  It’s not cheating until you get caught.  In the case of the Patriots the referee approved the balls before the game.  For the Colts you scored only 7 points with your balls.  Hey John Harbaugh your team blew 2 separate 14 point leads.  How about playing some defense instead if whining.

For those who think the Pats will lose a first round draft pick you guys are crazy.  That will never happen.  There is no way he gets suspended before the Super Bowl either.  Maybe they get fined.  If Belichick was the coach of your team you wouldn’t care what he does.

JR Smithmelo

Ok so JR Smith’s reason for the Knicks bad play was that the team was walking on egg shells to impress Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson.  Carmelo Anthony agrees with him.  Just amazing.  Even more amazing is how JR Smith is now suddenly playing well.  Well that is not so amazing.  Like Melo, Lebron runs the Cavs and if JR does not perform he will have him benched.  Melo would never have his boy benched.  But are we supposed to believe this is why the Knicks have been so bad this year.  Wouldn’t it be their personnel or the fact that Derek Fisher is not a NBA head coach who is learning on the job.  By the way is this a winning streak Derek Fisher?

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Memo to Sandy Alderson.  It’s okay to make trades to make your team better.  You have had 4 months to fix the Shortstop position and you haven’t.  Instead Met fans have had to see shortstops get signed and traded while you sit on your hands and do nothing.  Sandy reminds me of people I play fantasy baseball with.  I want that guy but you can only have this guy and no one else.  Ya got to give to get.  I understand these pitching prospects are worth a lot but not all of them will pan out and while I agree that you can’t have enough starting pitching but you can’t use all of them.  Please improve this team.

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So Peyton Manning is coming back for another season.  It remains to be seen if it will be with the Broncos.  Closing out a legendary career is never easy but to go out on a performance like that is real tough for Peyton.  But unless he walks away after winning a Super Bowl his career is going to end on a loss.  The injuries are starting to come now and the way he played down the stretch that is not the Peyton we all remember.  Would he walk away after winning the Super Bowl if he gets the chance?  I would.  There is no telling what he would do.

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Oregon vs Kansas State

The Eagles wanting to trade up to take Marcus Mariota now has legs.  Eagles head coach Chip Kelly now is in charge of player personnel.  The only person who can veto anything is the owner.  So how likely is it that the Eagles are able to trade up for a QB.  Let’s first look at the teams that need a QB and what number pick they have.  The Eagles currently have the 20th pick and you would assume Nick Foles would be involved in any deal.

  1. Tampa Bay-They desperately need a QB and would be under a lot of pressure to take FSU QB Jameis Winston.

2.  Tennessee-Are they married to Mettenberg?

3.  Jacksonville-They are set with Blake Bortles

4.  Oakland-They are set with Derek Carr

5.  Washington-With RG3, and Cousins they aren’t drafting another QB this early.

6.  New York Jets-Who knows what this dysfunctional organization will do.

7.  Chicago-Are set with Cutler unless he gets traded which is unlikely

8.  Atlanta-Are set with Matt Ryan

9.  New York Giants-Are set with Eli

  1. St Louis-I believe they need a QB despite what Fisher thinks

  2. Minnesota-Are set with Bridgewater

  3. Cleveland-Is it Johnny Football time

  4. New Orleans-Are set with Drew Brees

  5. Miami-Are set with Ryan Tannehill

  6. San Francisco-Are set with Colin Kaepernick

  7. Houston-They need a QB unless Ryan Mallett gets the nod

  8. San Diego-Are set with Philip Rivers

  9. Kansas City-Would they draft a QB if one fell to them

  10. Cleveland

The one key here is what do these teams think of Mariota.  Would Tennessee takes Foles and picks for that pick?  Foles is not a rookie and can step right in and start.  Plus they would get other picks.  The big issue here is are these teams going to change their systems to fit Mariota?  With Philly he will start innediately.  Would he start immediately with other teams.  This idea that they are floating this because Chip really wants Brett Hundley is ridiculous.  He could most likely be there at 20.  What happens in free agency will go a long way to determine who really needs a QB.  But if I am Chip Kelly and I want Mariota I just offer Foles and my first round picks from this year and the next 2 years to Tampa right now.  Tampa can then turn around and trade Mike Glennon for another pick and Lovie Smith can get the rebuilding under way.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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