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After digesting the games from yesterday and seeing the point spread so low I am leaning towards the Patriots.  Seattle did not deserve to win the game yesterday but neither did Green Bay.  Seattle fans understand this.  Your not playing Peyton Manning who can be intimated especially when  things don’t go his way.  Tom Brady will come after you.  The swagger and the cloak of invincibility is now gone.  The Packers exposed Russell Wilson yesterday.  If Lynch is not running the ball well WIlson can’t do anything.  Despite what Doug Baldwin says the Seattle wide receivers are average at best.  Revis will completely take out whoever he is guarding.  The Pats will stack the box and make Wilson beat them.  And more importantly Bill Belichick is a better coach than Mike McCarthy and Pete Carroll and he will let Brady throw the ball late in the game to run the clock out.  Plus throw in the fact that Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman will be playing with injuries Brady will attack them.

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Ohio state 2

Since I haven’t mentioned it but kudos to Ohio State.  They beat and pretty much dominated the two teams back to back who most everybody felt were the best two teams in the country in Alabama and Oregon.  The Big Ten is now back on the map.  Urban Meyer proved he is the best coach in the country.  Now that Jim Harbaugh is running Michigan the star power is back.  The SEC was miserable in the bowl games especially the vaunted SEC West.  All teams were exposed big time.  Keep in mind we were one Missouri win away from not having a SEC but team in the playoffs.  Cardale Jones made the right choice to stay in school but let’s stop with the third string quarterback stuff.  Cardale may have been a 4 or 5 star recruit which makes him much better than a third string QB.


As a baseball fan I have thoroughly enjoyed this off season.  With all the trading it is like one big giant fantasy league especially seeing what the A’s, Braves and Padres have done specifically.  Someone needs to tell Sandy Alderson he can make trades.  It’s like dealing with some of the guys I am in fantasy leagues with.  I will get more in depth with the teams as this month moves along but this offseason has been crazy.  With so many trades and signings Roto Baseball nuts like myself have to really look at each team now to see who has who.


So the Nationals broke the bank for Max Scherzer.  it is somewhat of a surprising move since they have moved some potential free agents.  But now they have 6 legit good to great starting pitchers.  Who gets traded cause one of them has to go.  I think Jordan Zimmerman goes to the Redsox and the Nats get even more young pieces.


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