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I didn’t watch every minute of the games this weekend except for the Dallas/Green Bay game and there is plenty to talk about there.  But it was another wild weekend in the NFL.  So let’s get started right there.

packers 2cowboys

Everyone is going to focus on the catch that was over turned to an incompletion.  As has been discussed at length the NFL has some bad rules.  This was ruled correctly according to the rules of the NFL.  Case closed.  The NFL has said so.  Current and former referees have said so.  NFL broadcasters have said so.  Cowgirl fans are still saying regardless of the rule this is still a catch.  And last week wasn’t pass interference.  And Dallas got massive breaks by the refs in the 4th quarter and all we heard was that the game was not won on one play.  So stop the crying Cowgirl fans.  Dallas lost several other ways.

  1. Jason Garrett showed he is not a good head coach.  You can’t call timeout after that catch by Witten when the whole world knew it wasn’t a first down.  Romo is to blame for that too.  You have to run a play quick right there or spike the ball.  There was plenty of time to score.  Instead the call gets reversed and Dallas misses a field goal and gave Rodgers good enough field position to get a huge field goal before halftime.

2.  DeMarco Murray once again fumbles in a big spot on a play where whoever was in that stadium swears he is going to run for a touchdown.

3.  I know it is hard to stop all of Rodgers’ weapons but you can’t let a rookie wide receiver kill you the way Adams did yesterday.

4.  Although not all his fault Romo can’t take sacks like that.  Get rid of the ball.

5.  Dallas can’t let a man who is on one leg get into that kind of rhythm.  Talented as Rodgers is you need to make him use his legs and he didn’t.

6.  Finally on 4th and 1 and when you have DeMarco Murray you have to run the ball.  I don’t know whether Garrett called the pass play or if Romo audibled into it.  The Packers didn’t really handle Murray all game long.

And Buck and Aikman you can’t give Garrett credit for going for it on 4th down.  He had to.  Rodgers was in a groove and as ultimately happened GB ran the clock out.  But let’s say the call stood and Dallas scores on the next play.  Dallas would be up one pending the 2 point conversion which is not a high percentage play of making.  Best case for Dallas would be up 3 with 4 minutes left and GB with 3 time outs left to get a field goal to tie or TD to win.  Does anyone think Rodgers wasn’t going to be able to take him team right down  the field and score.

Additionally from this game the few things I will point out is how ridiculously great of a QB Rodgers is.  That pass he threw to Cobb before halftime was nothing short of amazing.  The throws in the second half especially the last TD was brilliant.  He can fit the ball anywhere.  How many more times is Dez Bryant going to be allowed to walk on the field with no helmet and argue with referees. This is getting ridiculous already.  Cowgirl fans say every team does this.  I don’t see it.

Finally the football gods always pay you back.  Detroit should have won last week and who knows what happens if Carolina goes to GB instead.  Or Detroit goes to Seattle who sure didn’t dominate the Panthers.

pats 2Ravens 5
Bill Bellichik reaches into his bag of tricks yet again.  Pats down by 14 points twice in the game overcome it to win by 4.  jacoby Jones I know part of what you do is return punts and your great at doing that.  But you need to understand the situation your in.  Calling for a fair catch could possibly get your offense 2 plays.  Plus with a punt block on there was no one to block for you.  I know your mentality is that you can always break one.  But in this case you would have served your team better to call for a fair catch.

colts 2broncos 2

If you have been following my site for a couple of months now but something is missing from the Broncos.  And maybe time is running out for Peyton Manning.  He had no zip on the fastball all game long.  And too many times this year that was the case.  Let’s face it Manning has had a very disappointing post season career.  Meanwhile Andrew Luck now has moved front and center now into the spotlight.  Like he wasn’t there before.  If this is the end for Peyton however I thank you for the memories and the class and respect you showed the NFL and the NFL fans.

seahawkspanthers 5

This was supposed to be the yawner of the weekend and it turned out to not be.  I was in and out of this game and was surprised the Panthers kept it this close.  The Panthers gave the Seahawks 14 points off turnovers and you just can’t do that against the Seahawks in their building.  Was Seattle dis interested and took the game for granted or did the Panthers just play that well.

bills 5 rexn ryan 6

I have to admit I am surprised Rex got a job so quickly.  And if your Rex you want to get right back on the horse and take another crack at it something his father never got.  Perhaps the Buffalo media won’t be as harsh as the NY media was but Rex knew how to handle it pretty well.  Plus he got 27.5 million reasons to go to Buffalo and coach basically a team that is the same as the one he just left.  I don’t know what the Bills are thinking.  Shouldn’t they be looking for an offensive coach to try to develop EJ Manuel or another QB they bring in.  And Rex was so desperate to get back in the game the right job for him would be the Atlanta Falcon job.  But we’ll see I Rex has learned anything from his time in NY.


It was another inconsistent weekend for the NFL and their referees.  The Dez Bryant play showed that the NFL has stupid rules.  But we all knew that.  This will be another week where plays are questioned and booth reviews need explained.  Randall Cobb didn’t catch that ball but was ruled a catch.  Josh Cribbs fumbled a ball after not making a football move but the Colts retained possession.  Romo was hit low twice by Clay Matthews and nothing was called.  I know the referees are only human and make mistakes but these are game changing plays.  Unlike the Dallas/Detroit game where Detroit got totally screwed as they led the whole game, Dallas had the lead most of the game and had chances to put them away and didn’t.



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