Society Gone Bad

So unfortunately I am back here one more time writing about the Leah/Matt/Amy story.  I am not going to call it a scandal because as the days and weeks go by and more details come out we will see that this is another situation where this society jumps to conclusions and wants to dwell on it.  Everyone loves a scandal.  With social media so easily available where you can pretty much bash any celebrity you want without any real consequences (I myself am guilty of this) when will this society ever learn their lesson.

How many people jumped to conclusions about Leah and called her a whore or a slut or a homewrecker because of the rants of one woman.  Matt got his share too.  But his role in this is much more different.  He is in the center of this and he caused this to happen by his actions or lack of actions.  Then there is Amy who everyone calls a victim.  She definitely is a victim.  But she also is a villain when she aired this out all over the internet for her children to see forever.  The children are the real victims here.

I don’t know any of the 3 people in this story personally.  I never met them and neither have 95 percent of the people making posts.  So when I say I support Leah and stand by her I am just going by what I believe and just looking at the situation and judging the reactions.  But the reality is this should have been none of our business.  This should have stayed private forever.  But once Amy opened the can of worms we as the public want to know the real story.  But we shouldn’t.  It’s really not our business.

Clearly Leah and Matt have been together.  If they weren’t Leah would have made a statement once this story came out.  And if it really wasn’t true then that would have been so unfortunate as some people would not have believed her.  With that do I think Leah knowing Matt was married started to mess around with him to try to break up his marriage or just not care about his marriage?  Absolutely not.  By looking at the pictures of her face from Sunday night’s PPV you can clearly tell she was upset and did a good amount of crying.  If she didn’t care about Matt’s marriage then there was no reason to be upset.  She was called a lot of things but a home wrecker would have been an accurate way to describe it.

I am going to touch on Matt a lot here now.  Much more than I have in previous posts.  Only Matt and Amy know the dynamics of their marriage.  When did the marriage start going bad?  What was the cause?  Amy aired a lot about Matt personally.  Is it true?  I don’t know.  If those texts were real then Matt does seem un stable and he probably should not be involved with any woman right now.

But Matt I feel you.  I really do.  I can relate to him in a few ways.  As a man who was separated from my wife for 2 and a half years before I could get this done legally I know the feeling.  In that situation from my experience you want closure fast.  You want to know papers get signed quickly.  You want it for many reasons.  But one of them is to move on to someone else.  Now I made it a point to just tell the truth to any woman I was interested in dating.  Hey I am trying to get a divorce.  My estranged wife won’t sign divorce papers.  I haven’t seen her since 3 months after we separated and now it’s 2 years later and nothing.  We haven’t had any contact by text or email in over a year.  But I am trying to get it legal and believe me there is no chance of getting together.  I am hoping Matt said this to Leah.  I am really hoping this was also the truth.

Sources close to Matt released a statement on Monday.  I do have questions about this statement.  Firstly I need to know it comes from Matt.  And maybe his lawyer is saying don’t talk publicly about this.  Secondly there is no chance in hell that his divorce is close to being final a mere 6 months after starting the process.  Anyone who went through a divorce knows it is just not that simple.  They have 3 kids together.  I am sure joint bank accounts.  Definitely a house and other properties.  Plus Matt is a public figure who makes good money I assume.  You don’t just throw stuff at the wall during a divorce.  It does take time.

So do I think Matt might have embellished his divorce status to Leah.  Definitely.  Now let’s talk about Amy’s rant and why did it come out now.  I have been thinking about this.  This woman has been quiet for 6 months about the divorce.  At least publicly.  Trashing Matt in public would only accomplish him to potentially make less money which becomes less money for her.  So why did she come out now?  Matt did say he was seeing someone else and it started after he moved out of their house.  Something does not sound right here.  I am kind of believing that Amy felt they could maybe work things out and that some space between the two would be helpful.  How much space did they need? Matt is probably on the road half the week every week.  It’s also possible that Amy thought all along Matt was cheating on him and when he mentioned seeing someone new she blew up.  None of us were flies on the wall during their marriage.  We have no idea how bad the marriage got if it even got there.

It’s amazing some people believe Amy’s posts from Saturday.  Then Matt’s post was 100 percent believed by Leah supporters.  Like my father always says there are 3 sides to any story.  Yours, mine and the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Now here is a question I wrote in various posts since Saturday.  It’s an interesting question that has no wrong answer.  It’s a question all about that person’s perspective.  When I was separated from my wife I asked 10 of my female friends would you date a guy who was separated but not yet legally divorced.  8 out of 10 said no.  They want to know the divorce is legally over before dating that guy.  Leah clearly is in the 2 out of 10 people with this question.  Do I think Leah is wrong or made a mistake by doing this?  No she is not wrong but she did make a mistake.  It would have served her better to wait until Matt’s divorce was final.  I guarantee she is thinking that right now.  Is she asking herself was it really worth it.  Leah’s character has taken a hit.  Those who bashed her will never make it right with her.  Time will tell if this hurts her career.  It was probably a good thing she was not on Smackdown Live last night.  WWE needs to let this die down.

And Matt dude.  You know Amy pretty well.  How could you say things to her to stir her up.  Clearly as someone who was married to her you know how her mind works.  When you said you were dating someone else you had to know she would react.  I am sure there was much more going on that day in that text conversation.  But it’s the way Matt has acted during this.  His comments on Saturday when he said “I am golden” made me sick.  You got 3 kids and there was no consideration for them in any of the texts.  I just have a hard time believing that after 6 months Amy finally blew a gasket.  None of us know how the previous months were going between Matt and Amy.

When I first separated from my wife I was out all the time partying etc.  I never hooked up with any women but would have not said no if it came up.  I have no kids. A good friend of mine got separated from his wife shortly after.  He has 4 kids with his wife.  He was doing the same thing I was and I felt the need to talk to him.  I told him he needed to chill out.  I wanted him to learn from my experiences.  He did calm down.  The new freedom you get after being with someone for as long as Matt was can be hard to deal with.  Understand Amy was raising the kids and Matt well who knows how much of a role he had in that.  Hopefully he is still a big part of their lives.

I just want to be clear here.  I am a 100 percent Leah backer.  I really believe she got mixed up in this.  I still believe Matt was not totally honest with her.  Leah backers keep saying they were separated for 6 months.  Well we can’t pick and choose what side of the story we want to believe based on who we want to stand behind.  Who is Matt’s source?  Why should we believe his source more than Amy?  No one knows anything about their marriage or what either one of them had going through their minds.  And I am not saying I do either.  Good people find themselves in bad situations all the time.  Leah is only guilty in my eyes of making a choice to believe that Matt said his marriage was over.  Clearly there are issues still brewing with Matt and Amy.  Matt should have waited more before getting into a relationship with anybody.  Going through a divorce is very emotional.  He has kids too.  They should be priority number one.

I remember a story about August Ames from a little over a year ago.  August was a female adult entertainment star.  She had made a choice to not work with a male actor who worked in straight and gay porn.  She was called homophobic.  She was bullied all over the internet.  August just made a choice a very personal choice to not work with a man who does crossovers.  August took her own life amid all the bullying she was getting online.

Society will never learn their lesson.  As one of my good friends used to say.  I hate when people like to be an internet tough guy.  It’s so true.  How many people would be making these same comments to Leah and Matt to while looking them in the eye?  We all need to remember the story of August Ames and I am sure there are others too.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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