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My Smackdown Review 9-11

Heyman/Reigns/Uso Segment

The show kicks off with Heyman and Reigns. Paulie has all new gimmicks and catchphrases which I like and it’s about time. I really like the angle with Jey Uso. Roman is finally the heel we all wanted him to be with one of the best mouthpieces in wrestling history talking for him. I love that he is shitting on his cousin who does not really know what is going on. Roman is going to destroy his cousin in two weeks to further drive home the fact that all he cares about is the Universal Title. You can really tell that Roman does not respect his cousin. The line when he says just like when we were little I kicked your ass and nothing has changed. Poor Jey Uso wants to be taken seriously and says we are all grown up now.

So when Corbin and Sheamus come out and they challenge Uso and Reigns and Uso accepts the challenge without clearing it with Roman I loved the look he was giving Uso. Corbin and Sheamus show up like clowns with their silly costumes. Both wrestlers are being wasted. Corbin is a great heel and Sheamus has a lot of money written all over him and it’s a shame that both are getting wasted.

Thumbs upRoman/Uso/Heyman part

Thumbs down 1Sheamus/Corbin part

We see Sammy Zayn in the back complaining that Jeff Hardy is defending his Intercontinental Title because he thinks he is the champ.

Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles

So we have Hardy vs Styles yet again. Before the match, we have Sammy Zayn trying to stop the match before getting thrown out of the ringside area. So right there we all know that Sammy is going to be back out at some point to interfere in the match and that is exactly what happened.

Sammy attacks both wrestlers and the match is ruled a DQ. After the match, Hardy collapses going up the ramp. It was rather odd until we come back from the commercial break to find out what happened.

It is announced that Hardy never lost consciousness and was just dehydrated. That was a shot on AEW. Big time. AJ is frustrated and there will most likely be a three-way match at Clash of the Champions. So I do like this back and forth and I just think this has to end with one champion.

Later we see Sammy in the trainer’s room talking about Hardy so they brawl. This three-way match will be good.

Thumbs up

Jey and Roman In The Back

Jey is going over match strategy and Roman just looks like he does not give a shit. So I am really liking this character turn of Roman.

Thumbs up

Cesaro/Nakamura & The Street Profits

We get a recap of the Brand vs Brand challenge. I hate the tag team divisions and hope they merge the belts. The Street Profits are in the champions lounge with popcorn and champagne. The Street Profits always have the volume way up which annoys me.

This leads right into the Cesaro/Nakamura vs Lucha House Party match. During the match we see the Street Profits having a party in the champions lounge which distracts Cesaro and he gets pinned. So once again the tag team champs take a loss on TV. I hate when WWE does this and they do it all the time. Later we see the Lucha House Party celebrating in the back with the Street Profits among others like Matt RIddle. Just a brutal segment.

Thumbs down 1

Bayley Promo

Good promo by Bayley as we might be sitting and waiting for the pay off to this feud for several months. I just wish she would lose the Ding Dong line. But Bayley was very dark in this promo. This was some of her better promo work. But that is not saying much.

Thumbs up

Woman’s Four-Way Number One Contender Match.: Nikki Cross vs Tamina vs Alexa Bliss vs Lacey Evans

Nikki comes out first and walks past Bayley and stares her down. Then Bailey hits her with a chair so I liked the beginning.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much else I liked about this match.  All of these women do not deserve a title shot. Also, where was Naomi and Mandy Rose? We find out later what happened to Mandy Rose.  This match was very sloppy and clunky. Alexa giving Nikki Cross a “Sister Abigail” then walking away from the ring is the only good thing about this match. It seems that when you mention the fiend, Alexa goes into a trance. Nikki Cross won the match and gets yet another title shot. No one is going to win this title until Sasha Banks faces Bayley.

Thumbs down 1

Otis vs John Morrison

This is a waste of four talented wrestlers and personalities. It is clearly obvious they made a mistake giving Otis the Money In The Bank briefcase. It also appears the angle with Mandy Rose is over because we found out after the show that she was traded to Monday Night Raw. And Michael Cole mentions that Mandy Rose and Otis are a couple during the night. So I guess no one told him what was happening. Unless this is really an angle but seriously as much as I liked the Mandy/Otis angle it had run its course.

This whole nonsense with the lunch box and the contract in one of the lunchboxes is brutally bad.  What a waste of time this whole angle is. My guess is that at some point Miz and Morrison are going to win that contract from Otis. I love the Miz and this is really not a good angle for him. Same with all of the guys. Otis goes over on Morrison which is criminal.

Thumbs down 1

Promo With Blonde Woman

For the second straight week we see a promo for a female that we haven’t seen her face yet. Speculation was running wild that it could be Eva Marie. But it looks to be Carmella which gets an automatic thumbs up for not being Eva Marie. See this is the problem with WWE. We heard rumblings that Eva Marie wanted to come back or that she was coming back. We see the first promo of just purple clouds and a woman’s legs. So what does Eva Marie do? She replies to a tweet of the video put out by WWE and says legs for days which fuels the speculation.

Now we see the blonde hair in the next segment but the tattoo on the woman’s arm is the same tattoo that Carmella has. Eva Marie has red or purple hair and there aren’t any pictures on Instagram that show her with a different hair color. That does not mean anything. But we can all hope that Eva Marie is not coming back. I actually like heel Carmella.

Thumbs up

Firefly Fun House

Bray Wyatt is amazing and should be in Hollywood making movies. Wobbly Walrus is hysterical. Seeing the Vince McMahon puppet come out with horns pops me every time. Poor Bray has to pick up the pieces once again after WWE screwed his character for the third time.

Thumbs up

Uso & Reigns vs Corbin & Sheamus

Uso is fighting alone as Roman is late to the match much like the match at Pay Back. Jey had a good showing for himself. The match was blah until Roman came out and tagged himself in to get the win. That is just to get some juice for the night they face off in two weeks. I like the ending but not so much the match, They are building the Reigns/Uso match really good.

Thumbs up


Overall this was a decent show at best. I did give it more thumbs up than thumbs down but only for specific reasons like the mystery woman being Carmella and not Eva Marie. WWE needs to do better. They have the wrestlers to put on a great show every week. But we don’t see that. Plus we keep seeing the same matches over and over. It is time to end the brand split.

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