Sarah Logan clubbed two HR’s and Billie Kay was impressive in relief as Girl Power defeated Wonderboy 6-4 winning their fourth straight game.

Girl Power starting pitcher Bayley gutted through five innings giving up four runs two of them earned.  Both teams had issues with defense as there were five errors in total.  In the top of the first inning, Mandy Rose’s error set up Wonderboy to score two runs.  Roy Hobbs had a sacrifice fly and Bo Gentry’s singled home the second run.  In the bottom of the second inning, Girl Power tied the game on Nia Jax’s two-run HR.  Wonderboy came right back in the top of the third inning as Gentry again had an RBI single and Davis Birch reached on an error by Jax scoring Jack Elliott.  In the fourth inning, Logan’s two-run HR scored Charlotte Flair tying the game at four.

Paige replaced Bayley with Kay while Lou Brown kept Nuke in the game perhaps showing the faith he has in the star pitcher.  The game remained tied at four through seven innings.  In the bottom of the eighth inning, Girl Power got something started.  Mandy Rose led off the inning with a triple.  Gentry’s error allowed Rose to score the eventual winning run.  Logan’s second HR of the game gave Girl Power a 6-4 lead.  Tamina closed out the game for her second save in as many games.

Pop Fisher’s decision to keep Nuke in the game was the topic of discussion after the game.  “You guys need to stir up some crap all the time.  There is no story here.  I believe in Nuke.  I believe in my bullpen.  Next question.”

Paige was giddy after the game.  “It’s nice to win four straight games but we need to keep going. Winning the series is nice.  But we need to put the hammer down tomorrow.”

Tomorrow’s starters are Steve Nebraska (2-0) vs Sonya Deville (3-0)

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