Last night was the Royal Rumble pay per view which is the official kickoff on the road to Wrestlemania.  The Royal Rumble match s very entertaining but the 3 way match for the strap stole the show.  The other matches were just fillers and no disrespect to the performers were of no real interest to me.

Brock Lesnar successfully defended his title against John Cena and Seth Rollins.  This match was amazing as all 3 wrestlers brought it.  Brock was the fan favorite in Philly if you can believe that.  The spots in this match were amazing.  I never thought Brock would lose this match but they actually made him bigger as Cena and Rollins really pounded him and out of no where he sprung back into the match and won.  Cena gave him 3 straight attitude adjustments and Rollins splashed him through the table at ringside.  Cena and Rollins couldn’t finish each other off and allowed Brock to retain the title and presumably headline WrestleMania

The Royal Rumble match has always been one of my favorite matches of all time.  The winner of course is a star or a competitor on the verge of being a star.  But there is always a surprise entry or two.  Usually a superstar coming off an injury or a returning star.  The big surprise of the match is how early Daniel Bryan was eliminated.  Naturally he is the sentimental favorite since he never lost the title.  How can you have a wrestler coming off neck surgery and put him in the ring with Brock Lesnar.  Brock will toss him around like a rag doll.  The WWE did a bad job if this was even their intent to hide the fact that Rusev was hiding under the ring and came out when Roman Reigns thought he won the rumble.  The Big Show and Kane working together until they tried to eliminate each other.  Bray Wyatt was awesome in this match as was Rusev.  Welcome back to the WWE Bubba Ray Dudley.  Will Devon be far behind?  The WWE tag team division sure needs the boost.

Now for the juicy part.  Roman Reigns wins the Rumble twice.  The bell rang when he eliminated The Big Show and Kane only no one was fooled as we knew Rusev was hiding.  When Show and Kane went into the ring and beat down Reigns I don’t think anyone wanted to see Rusev pick the bones.  The Rock comes out to save the day.  Even he couldn’t save Reigns from the boos as he eliminated Rusev to win the rumble.

Now for the aftermath.  Brock vs Reigns at Wrestlmania.  Brock somehow is getting cheers and of course Heyman is golden on the mic for him.  The fans clearly want Daniel Bryan in this match.  Me I don’t care because I don’t believe DB can beat him and can he really be in a one on one match with Brock throwing him around?  And what about Mr Money In The Bank who’s briefcase is set to expire around Mania time.  Does the WWE relent and make this a fatal four way elimination match?  Yeah you would be taking DB and Rollins out of other matches but this could be a 40 minute match.  You keep all guys fresh.  You stay away from another three way match in the main event like last year’s Mania.  I know Brock is leaving soon and Heyman basically sang the praises of Reigns’ Samoan family so can he turn on Brock and be the mouthpiece for Roman?  We all agree Roman’s mic skills are not great and his in ring package is limited.  You basically turn Reigns bad I guess and have him feud with Seth and DB after Mania.

The above would make sense since it is clear Cena won’t be in that match and is primed to fight Rusev at mania.  But that match has already been announced for Fast Lane Pay-per-view in February.  Does that mean we won’t have an elimination chamber match?  Will the Undertaker fight at Mania.  It sure looks like Sting is fighting HHH.  Does Taker have a real opponent?  Bray Wyatt would be logical.  I guess the Ascension fights the USO’s.  We still have lots of top guys looking for matches like Luke Harper, Eric Rowan, Big Show, Kane, Dolph Ziggler Ambrose, Orton, Ryback etc.

My proposed matches for Mania

Brock vs Reigns.  I still think this is going to get changed to include at least Rollins.

Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt

Sting vs HHH

Rollins vs Orton

Cena vs Rusev

USO’s vs Ascension.  I can only hope the Dudleys reform and get into this match

Golddust vs Stardst

We still have the Andre the Giant Battle Royal which will include Kane, Ambrose, Big Show, Ryback, Cesaro, Rowan, Harper, Dolph, and all the others who are not fighting.

Ambrose and Dolph may do double duty in a different match.

Daniel Bryan will be in a singles match as well.  I don’t know where his story is going from here.  Bryan/Ambrose is a hell of a match.

Nicki Bella I assume will defend her title and I could see any of the following in the match Naomi, Natayla, Paige, AJ Lee or Charlotte.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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