Royal Rumble Reaction



As I sit here almost 2 full days after the 2019 Royal Rumble my reactions are mixed.  Based on my predictions I was spot on with the winners.  So from that standpoint am I disappointed in the results.  I had to think about this and after hearing and reading a lot of people’s opinions on this the same question was asked.  Is this a bad pay per view because you knew the winners before hand?  And is this the first time the Royal Rumble winner was predicted or pretty much known before hand.  I am going to say no to both questions.  But I did have some problems with a couple of the matches.

So let’s start.

I am going to lump both women’s matches together.  I knew Ronda and Asuka would open the show.  Becky had to get into the rumble.  So I knew Asuka would win.  But a clean tap out win was surprising to me.  I figured there would be a run in.  Ronda winning was also a given as we all saw on Monday Night Raw that Becky picked Ronda at Mania.  Both matches were really brutal and physical.  As is the norm now the women continuing are having better matches than the men do.  But Ronda is really rough in that ring and Sasha gave it right back to her.  Asuka is a gem and should be on top of the division.

Shane and Miz winning was also predictable.  Otherwise why are they a team?  I do expect them to have a falling out and have a match at Mania.  My only interest in this match was seeing what crazy spot Shane would come up with.  A Shooting Star Press.  That was amazing. Shane is almost 50 years old.  He is not an athlete or a full time wrestler.  He is not even in that good a shape.  But man does he do some incredible stuff.

The AJ Styles/Daniel Bryan match was a little too long and this needs to be the last time they wrestle for a while.  I just don’t see much more for this angle.  So I was not looking forward to this match.  I was surprised by Erick Rowan coming out.  Very interested in seeing what comes out of this.  I am hoping to see Bray Wyatt tonight since with Becky made her choice on Raw.

You know with Brock Lesnar really selling until he kicks out of Finn Balor’s finishing move to put him in the Kamora lock it makes you wonder why they had this match.  Finn gave it his all then had Brock stomp him after the match.  They made you believe that Finn could win this match but in the end tapped out.  Maybe that is good story telling but they made this belt not relevant when Brock has it.  I never thought Finn would win the match because WWE would never do something like that.  Looking forward to Brock being out of the picture for good.

The Women’s Royal Rumble match.  I loved everything about this match.  Until the end.  I loved that there wasn’t any legends in this match.  I definitely understood this for the first one.  Now it was not something that was needed for the second one.  I loved all the new women in this match from NXT.  Indeed the future of the women’s division is extremely bright.  They do out shine the men all the time now.  I hated how this match ended.  I knew Becky would win.  But Charlotte Flair is elite and she couldn’t beat a woman on one leg.  I know and understand the importance of building the Becky brand.  And she did tap out earlier in the night so maybe I am just nit picking here.  Charlotte will always be a big name but she seems to be on the losing end to Becky all the time now.

Now the Men’s Royal Rumble match I thought was so bad.  Firstly it ended so late that to have Elias and Double J of all people waste time as the 1st and 2nd entries was so ridiculous.  And Double J.  My god do we need to see him in the rumble.  If they wanted him in the rumble then let him and Kurt Angle go at it.  I think that would have got a real big pop.  And by the way can we put Angle out to pasture please.  Did anyone else see how weakly he was eliminated?  He can’t take the bumps anymore so it was almost as bad as him just eliminating himself.  The No Way Jose entry was a joke.  There wasn’t any surprise entries which might not be WWE’s fault.  But when the whole world knew that Seth or Drew would win there was zero drama and entertainment in this match.  And no the Nia Jax entry was not entertaining.  Who the hell cares.  And now after Raw she wants to fight the men.  Please stop this angle now.  As for the ending yeah it was late at night and we all knew Seth would win.  I have no real issue with the ending.  But the match itself was a huge boar.  Looking forward to Seth beating Brock at mania.

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