RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper

Bigsportsfanandmoreblog want to wish our most sincere sorrow to the family of Roderick Toombs aka Rowdy Roddy Piper for his passing today at the age of 61.

Before there was Miz TV or The Body Shop or the Barber Shop or the Snake Pit or The Brother Love Show or The Dirt Sheet or The VIP Lounge or The Cutting Edge or the Heartbreak Hotel or the Highlight Reel or Carlito’s Cabana or The Funeral Parlor or you get the point there was Piper’s Pit.  Old school wrestling fans remember this show which started back in the 80’s and usually lasted between 2-3 minutes long.  Piper who was a rule breaker at the time would insult the fan favorites and stir the pot often not letting them talk.  The show was edgy and racist and physical and funny and Piper was the muse for it all.  His brilliant mic work paved the way for other shows in wrestling.  Nothing can ever top the “Hot Rod’s” show.

Let’s not forget his in ring performance which was always under rated.  Hot Rod knew how to stir up the crowd and was always a better bad guy than a good guy.  He was a true main eventer who can pack the buildings with the best of them.

As I was watching the clips below I always think that Piper did not get the credit he was due for bringing Wrestling to the mainstream.  Hulk Hogan was the first one clearly.  But the whole Rock N Wrestling angle with Cyndi Lauper put wrestling on MTV and in the spotlight igniting Lauper’s career and with Hogan it launched wrestling as we know it today.

Roddy you were one of the greats.













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