The second part centers on Alcoholic Beverages

Those who know me best know I love my beer.  One of my fondest childhood memories was going to the park at night in the snow and drinking 40’s and kept them cool by jamming them in the snow.  Who said alcohol kills brain cells.

The Bud 40 OZ.  The first 40 I ever drank  when I was 14 years old with Brian and Tommy.  I blame you guys for creating this monster.



Olde English.  I probably drank more 40’s of this than any other beer.


olde english


The 64 OZ beer.  When we first saw this we went wild.  More beer and less trips to the store. But hard to conceal in a paper bag.


St Ides Beer.  When my parents would go away this is what my fridge would look like

st ides


Power Master.  The strongest beer I ever had.

power master



The Colt 45.  Always fun drinking this beer.

colt 45

Cool Colt.  Yeah we gave this a month long trial.


cool colt


Fosters.  On special nights we would bring in the “Oil Can” Fosters and drink that all night. Fosters was the kind of beer you needed to be in the mood to have.




Cisco.  This is the newer version.  Those who had the original Cisco knew it was the strongest shit they ever drank.


Yuengling.  When I tried to be a sophisticated beer drinker I had this.  Loved the fact that many bars in Manhattan sold this by the pitcher.



Rolling Rock.  Everyone knows I loved the taste of beer.  I never considered this to be beer because it didn’t do shit for me.  But when I wanted to dry out on a Sunday afternoon in the old Brooklyn Dodger watching the NFL games after 3 straight nights of drinking this is what I turned to.

Rolling Rock


Black Berry Brandy.  I will never forget the night I drank this whole bottle and went to Club Bay Street in Staten Island.  No Good

black berry brandy


Jungle Juice.  AHH The official drink of the 18th Avenue Feast.




When we got older and hanging out in the park and getting drunk seemed childish we would either go to Brian’s or my house and pound down 2 cases of beer before 11 PM when we would go out to a club for the night.  But we also would meet up at the Chinese Restaurant where Paul would be passed out drunk from losing thousands on basketball or baseball that night.  We would either drink scorpions or zombies.

Scorpion zombie


Of course there were nights when we didn’t feel like going to the Chinese restaurant but luckily they deliver right to the corner where we would hang out putting the drinks in these containers.

take out

If you think that is the craziest thing you have ever seen delivered.  Nothing beats the day Mike and I were walking to Brian’s house and saw a familiar person.  Simone from the corner store was with his hand truck delivering cases of beer to Brian’s house because neither he or Balls or Spock wanted to leave.

simone beer

The Chinese restaurant was also where Balls came up with the most famous of lines when he asked for change of a dollar and got the side eyes.  “Can I get 4 quarters.  He’s Scared.  He’s Scared.”

scared side eyes


For a long time our regular spot was TJ Bentley’s in Bay Ridge,  We were there so often the the bartender would see us at the door and set up beers for us right away.  Many a night we all would throw down 20 dollars when we first walked in and never paid for another drink the rest of the night.


TJ Bentley's drinks


Our home away from home was South Beach.  The Clevelander was our spot where we paid more in tips than what we actually drank.



We always went to these places once we got to South Beach.

wet willies mangos


Blackhaus.  We drank these by the bottle in the bridal room at one of my friends weddings.  We also were introduced to Crackhaus.


Goldschlager.  Who can forget this drink.


Dr. Peppers.  I could and probably had about twenty of these in one night.

dr pepper




Growing up my boys and I never really played drinking games.  When we did this is what we used to play.  Three Man.  Where everyone gets drunk.  Also a game where you can really get someone fucked up.  Playing this in my backyard brings back memories.  Many a person threw up when the crew ganged up on him

three man

We funneled beer for the first time in my basement.  We didn’t do this often.  However some of the crazies I hung out with would funnel Vodka or something stronger instead of beer.






beer funnels

These next games were introduced to me when I started playing co ed softball in NYC.  The ultimate bar for this was “The Big Easy” owned by Terry who just wanted to get everybody drunk including himself.  Often times Terry would give me a cup of whatever drink he was making.  Sadly the ridiculous Second Avenue construction killed his building, his bar and his business and the one bar when I walked into it I really never knew how I ever walked out of or how I got home.

Flip Cup.  I knew girls who drank beer but not like this.  Flip Cup was the ultimate meet and greet game in the softball bar where everyone would come together at 11 PM to keep the party going when you didn’t really want to go home.  The wildest time was after the pre season tournament the whole league of 20 plus teams went back to the league bar for free beer and there was 20 tables playing Flip Cup.  Even the great Sala was playing.

flip cup


Beer Pong.  Only played with 2 or 4 people at a time and before you knew it you were plastered. I remember the day when the softball team was knocked out in the first round and we got to the league bar just as it opened at 12.  Me and the Big Dog played Beer Pong right when the free kegs opened up and were smashed by 2 PM when the other teams started coming to the bar.

beer pong




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