Playoff Predictions

NFL Playoffs


As the season is winding down several spots are up for grabs and there is alof of different scenarios.  Here are my predictions.


Lets start in the AFC.  3 of the 4 divisions are wrapped up.  That leaves the AFC North division and 2 wild card spots both currently owned by teams in that division.

The One Seed will be the Patriots 13-3.  They will beat the Jets and the Bills and secure home field through out the playoffs.  Haven’t we been here before?

patriots 3

The Two Seed will be the Broncos 12-4.  I actually think they will lose in Cincinnatti this Monday night but they would need to lose both games to fall out of the 2 seed.  Denver gets a much needed bye week.


The Three seed will be the Colts 12-4.  I think they win out and finish tied with the Broncos.  But they lost in week 1 so the Colts will have to play a tough game in the wild card round.

colts 3

My Four Seed will be the Steelers 11-5.  I know they are very inconsistent.  But I think they run the table which will include a win against the Bengals.


My Five Seed will be the Ravens 11-5.  They will win out and lose a tie breaker to the Steelers.  Their reward will be a game in the Steel City.  Another chapter.


My Six Seed will be the Bengals 10-5-1.  I do have them beating the Broncos but losing to the Steelers for the division.  In fact I believe if they lose out they will still make the playoffs.

Bengals 2

The 8-6 teams such as the Chiefs, Chargers and Bills I feel will all split their remaining games and finish at 9-7.



Over in the NFC things are so wild.  Not because there are teams on the outside fighting to get in but because the seedings can change so much in the next two weeks.

My One Seed will be the defending champion Seahawks 12-4.  They will win out which will include a sweep of the cardinals to own the tiebreaker.

seahawks 2

My Two Seed will be the Packers 12-4.  They will win out which includes a win over the Lions.  Their week 1 loss to Seattle means they have to win in Seattle to make it to the big game.

Packers 4

My Three Seed will be the Eagles 11-5.  I think they win out and will have the tie breaker over the Cowboys via division record.

Eagles 4

My Four Seed will be the Saints 8-8.  The Saints win out which brings their record to a more respectable 8-8.

saints 3

My Five Seed will be the Cardinals 12-4.  They have clinched a playoff birth and can still be the one seed or fall to the 6 seed if they lose out.  Who knows what Niners team shows up for Harbaugh’s farewell.

cardinals 3

My Six Seed will be the Lions 11-5.  They will have the tiebreaker over the Cowboys via conference record.

lions 3

I think Dallas loses to the Colts and gets knocked out of the playoffs basically.


So quickly without any thoughts and not knowing about potential injuries

Wild Card Round

Lions win at Philly, Saints win vs Cards, Colts beat the Bengals and the Steelers beat the Ravens.

Divisional Round

Seattle beats the Lions, Packers beat the Saints, Broncos beat the Colts and the Patriots beat the Steelers.

Conference Championship Games

Packers win at Seattle.  Steelers win at New England

Super Bowl

Packers win the Super Bowl over the Steelers.




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