Sports Plays Of The Day

After a monster day where I went 12-5-1 to up my total to plus 500 big blues I am back with 4 more plays.

This is a game where after a bye I expect this team to come out swinging big time.  And getting 3.5 points makes it better.  Take the Giants plus the points in San Francisco

Take Pitt at home laying the 6 against Troy

Take Penn State at home laying 12.5 against Jacksonville State

Take the Sooners on the road laying the 8.5 against UTSA

Sports Plays Of The Day

AFter going 4-4 including going 0-3 in BEST BETS(5-13) my figure has dropped to plus 150 pigskins I am back today.

Lay the 6.5 on the Bears at home against the Lions.  Mack is back and they will pound on Stafford all game long

Lay the 16.5 on the Chiefs at home against the Cardinals.  No one has been able to stop the Chiefs offense and neither will the Cardinals

Take the Jets laying the 7.5 at home against the Bills.  Matt Barkley is playing QB.  Nuff Said

Atlanta is playing better.  If they want to be seriosus players this year they must win today.  Lay the 5.5 on the Falcons in Cleveland.

Saints know they have to keep winning to get the top seed.  Bengals will be without AJ Green which is a huge loss.  Lay the 5.5 on the Saints in Cincinnatti.

Oakland has mailed it on and want to make sure they get the top pick.  Chargers are rolling.  Lay the 9.5 on the Bolts in Oakland.

Rams have been flirting with disaster for a few weeks now.  Maybe this loss wakes them up.  Lay the 9.5 on the Rams at home vs the Seahawks.


Jags are playing for the season today.  Fournette is back which should help out alot.  Take the Jags getting 3 on the road against the Colts

After two tough losses on the road the Pack comes home to face Brock and the FIsh.  Impossible spot for Miami today.  Lay the 10 on the Packers at home.

Dallas is floundering and you would think they would just feed Zeke.  But now they have to justify the Amari Cooper trade.  Eagles are bout to get rolling.  Lay the 7.5 on Philly tonight at home vs the Cowgirls.


On the ICE. System Hockey


Take the Panthers at home vs the Senators

Take the Sharks at home vs the Flames

College Basketball

Take UCONN at home laying 13.5 against UMKC

Take ST Mary’s at home laying 10 against Utah Valley

Take Seattle minus 9.5 at home vs Bryant

Take Army in Cameron vs Duke getting 40 points

Take the Buckeyes at home against Purdue Fort Wayne laying 17.5

Take Sparty at home against Florida Gulf Coast laying 21.5

Sports Plays Of The Day

After going 4-4 including 2-1 on BEST BETS(5-10) my figure improved to plus 350 wolverines.  I am back with 8 Football plays for today.

I am laying 13.5 on the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State at UTEP.

I look for FIU to bounce back at UTSA.  Lay the 10.

I think this game will be close.  The Eagles will slow down the tempo of this game enough to definitely cover this game.  Take the 19 on Boston College at home against Clemson.

I love the Mean Green today at Old Dominion who’s win against Virginia feels like it doesn’t even exist.  Lay the 14 on North Texas


UMASS is not good.  This is the only reason I am taking BYU.  The cover will be in doubt all game long but I like the Cougars laying the 14.


Rutgers covered last week at Wisconsin.  Though they never were in the game.  This one will be ugly.  The wolverines will have the cover by halftime and Rutgers might not score.  Lay the 37.5 on Michigan on the road in NJ.

Take the Blazers at home against Southern Miss.  Lay the 12.5 on UAB.

UCONN is horrible and SMU is alot better than people think.  Lay the 19 on SMU on the road at UCONN.

Sports Plays Of The Day

So after a big win on Wednesday night I am at plus 300 ducks.  Also 3-9 for BEST BETS.  I will have 3 more for today plus some college hoops.

Going with the Ducks at home against the Wild.  System Hockey bet.

Lay the 4.5 on Stanford at UNC Wilmington

Lay the 2.5 on the Crimson at Northeastern

Lay the 17.5 on the Tar Heels at Elon

Lay the 8.5 on Loyola Chicago at home vs Furman


Lay the 6 on Philly at home vs Charlotte

Lay the 20 on VA Tech against Gardner Webb

Lay the 14 on Oklahoma against Texas Rio Grande Valley


NFL One Liners Week 9

Bills—Should have completely cleaned house

Dolphins—Amazingly just out of a playoff spot

Jets—Golden boy got pounded and now he gets 2 weeks off.  Mental Break.

Patriots—The best sports franchise in the last 15 years


Bengals—Losing Green is a killer

Browns—Latest to try to stop the Chief offense

Ravens—New coach and QB

Steelers—Got pay back against the dirty birds


Colts—This team could be real good in a couple of years

Jaguars—Season is on the line this week

Texans—Is the bye coming at the wrong time?

Titans—Big win for the Titans and Mariota in Dallas.


Broncos—Brutal loss might just have cost the coach his job.

Chargers—at 6-2 flying under the radar

Chiefs—Game vs Cardinals seems like a 30 point blowout.

Raiders—Chuckie hits rock bottom


Cowboys—Even Amari can’t help them

Eagles—Time to make their move

Giants—On off week potential future QB gets arrested

Redskins—How are they 5-3


Bears—Mack comes back for big divisional games

Lions—I think the Vikings just sacked Stafford again

Packers—Another tough loss with a crucial fumble smack in the middle of it.

Vikings—Getting healthy at the right time.


Buccaneers—Fitzmagic can’t save Dirk.

Falcons—Can’t afford losses with so many teams in the NFL playoff hunt.

Panthers—Huge test in Pittsburgh

Saints—Best team in the NFL


49ers—Pounded the hapless Raiders

Cardinals—Can they stop the Chiefs?

Rams—Finally got picked off after flirting with danger the last few weeks

Seahawks—Just not good enough to make the playoffs

Sports Plays Of The Day

After a nice 3-0 night last night including 2 system hockey wins I am now up to plus 150 westbrooks.

Lets go big and risk all 150 westbrooks on the Thunder laying the 6.5 in Cleveland against the Cavs.

Sports Plays Of The Day

After going 0-2 last night and losing yet another Best Bet(3-9) I am even again.  So let’s start with old reliable.

This team always finds a way to cover and I suppose one week it will not happen.  But let’s keep going with the Buffalo Bulls laying 17.5 at home vs Kent State

Next we go to the Ice and my hockey system.  Although I am not too confident in my system but I do trust the system and it succeeds more than it fails.

Take the Rangers at home vs the Canadiens

Take the Senators at home vs the Devils

Sports Plays Of The Day

After a monster day on Sunday where I went 7-3 including 2-0 on Best Bets I am back with 2 bets today.  My figure is back up to plus 150 stars.

Two very average teams playing tonight and I will go with the home team.  Lay the 4.5 on the Cowboys against the Titans.

BEST BET.  My best bet pick record improved to 3-8 after hitting both yesterday.

Take the Magic laying 4’5 at home vs the Cavs.

Sports Plays Of The Day

Another brutal Saturday saw me go 2-5 including 0-3 on Best Bets to drop me to a pathetic 1-8 on BB’s.  My figure dips to minus 150 pesos.  Back today with some more picks.

Nate Peterman is starting for the Bills.  Nuff said.  As well coached as they are and as good as defensively they will play he will make mistakes.  Lay the 10 on the Bears on the road.

It’s crazy the Saints are a home dog.  But that is what happens when you play the undefeated Rams.  This game can be for home field advantage throughout the playoffs and the Rams have been flirting with a loss for a few weeks now.  I like the Saints plus the 1.5 at home.

Had 12 got the ball last week at the end of the game against the Rams this game could have a bigger meaning.   But we will settle for a Sunday night matchup of the two best #12’s in the game.  I like the Packers plus 5.5 in New England.

Fitzmagic is back.  He is still mistake prone and next year look for a full house cleaning in TB starting with the coach and the QB.  Lay the 6 on the Panthers at home to beat the Bucs

Revenge game for the Steelers who look to out the hammer down on the divison.  Take the Steelers plus one in Baltimore.

The field in Miami is supposed to be a mess.  So that is why I am taking the under of 41 in the game between the Dolphins and the Jets.

BEST BETS.  I am 1-8 in this area and need to hit these today.

The Browns showed again why they are such a disorganized organization.  Chiefs will win this game by double digits in Cleveland so lay the 8

The Vikings were humiliated at home last week in prime time by the Saints.  So I look for a major rebound game at home today vs the Lions. Lay the 5.

On the Ice

Take the Senators at home vs Tampa Bay.

On the Hardwood

Lay the 8.5 on the Spurs at home vs the Magic.

NCAA Rankings

ANother week goes by and more teams drop and the playoff picture gets clearer.  We knew one top 4 team was going to lose this week.  Still more games to play.


Alabama last week # 1.  Just aced their test at LSU by pitching a shutout.  No doubt the Crimson Tide is the best team in the country.


Clemson last week #2.  Classless Dabo hangs 77 points on the board.  No style points will get you into the top spot.


Notre Dame last week #3.  Brian Kelly needs to have a dominate performance from start to finish next week at home against FSU.


Michigan last week #5.  Revenge tour continues and could also see a playoff date against ND.


Georgia last week #6.  Will play Bama in the SEC title game.  Must run the table before the Bama game.


Oklahoma last week #7.  Change defensive coordinators same weak defense.


Central Florida last week #8.  Give them their due.  21 straight wins is not easy even against non power conference teams.


Ohio State last week 9.  Not a great performance.  Still alive in the playoffs.


Washington State last week un ranked.  Imagine the interviews we would have with Mike Leach during the playoffs.


West Virginia last week un ranked.  Needs to win out and get help.


We all expect Alabama to be in the playoffs no matter what right.  Even if they lose a game and still win the SEC championship game.  What if they go udefeated and lose the SEC championship game.  Would they still make it over these 4 teams if they run the table Notre Dame, Clemson, Michigan and Georgia the latter 3 all winning their conference championship games and obviously a Georgia team that just beat Alabama.  That to me is the biggest question I have right now.  Oklahoma should be in the top 6.  What happens if they run the table?  Do they get in no matter what happens to the top 4.  Probably not.  Oklahoma State can disrupt both Oklahoma and charging West Virginia.  I do expect each to lose another game this year.  UCF unfortunately has no shot at making the playoffs.  I will keep saying this until someone tells me it’s not possible.  Why can’t they get into the ACC?  I know there are already 14 teams in this conference.  Or better yet put them in the Big 12 which only has 10 teams.