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In this weekly column I present something I love and look forward to finding in every movie.  In many cases the star does not always make the movie.  There are secondary characters in movies that absolutely steal the show.  It can be a character that has a supporting role or a character that with just a few scenes in the movie makes them memorable.  To give you a point of reference Jeremy Piven was always this when he acted in a John Cusack movie.  So think along that kind of role.  One of Piven’s characters will eventually make this list but I won’t start with him.

My very first Obscure Movie Character appeared in 2 of the 8 movies in this series.  He was never killed off but as the main character of this series got rich and moved to the good part of town his character was not needed.  In fact I did some searching and it turns out he was killed but not in the movie just in the novelization.  This character only had a few scenes in each movie but they were all memorable at least to me.  When I found out there was an action figure made of this guy I bought it on EBAY.  He is the first of two I will choose from this series.

The Character is Tony Gazzo from Rocky I and II.  Mr. Gazzo is the loan shark who had a tough demeanor  but actually cared for Rocky.  He gave him money for his first date with Adrian.  He was in the church when Rocky married Adrian.  He gave him money to train for both Apollo Creed fights.  He was in the stands for both fights too and can be seen yelling for Rocky to go for it during Rockly/Creed II and hugging his girlfriend when the Rock wins the title.  Who could forget the famous exchange between he and Rocky when he asked Rocky to invest in condominiums.  Rocky said he doesn’t use them.  Boy did Mr. Gazzo have a soft spot for Rocky despite Rocky not physically harming the clients Mr. Gazzo told him to because they owed him money.  A great character in one of the most known movie series of all time.

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