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The first 3 games of the weekend were not entertaining but the last one sure made up for it.  We’ll start there as there is lots to talk about here.

lions 3cowboys 4

Dallas won 24-20 in a very controversial way.  The Cowboys only deserve credit here by not letting a 14-0 deficit get out of hand.  The rest of the game was not impressive at all to me no matter what Cowgirl fans say.  The controversy comes in the 4th quarter with the Lions up 20-17 and driving.  On third down Anthony Hitchens held Brandon Pettigrew initially and then committed pass interference.  The flag was thrown and the penalty was announced by the head referee.  Then it was taken back with no explanation.  Huh.  Are you kidding me?  I have never seen a call made and announced then taken back before in a NFL game.  I have seen a flag thrown and picked up but never one that was announced.  I do recall Tom Coughlin challenging a call when Eli Manning was said to have crossed the line of scrimmage while passing the ball.  That went to the video replay booth.  This one did not.  Now the Cowgirl fans will tell you Pettigrew pulled the facemask and pulled Hitchens into him.  Ridiculous.  Figures the most hated fan base in the world would make excuses and be happy with a garbage win like that.  The NFL has some big time explaining to do.  Now they will probably come out and say the referees were wrong to do that.  But who wants to hear that now.  Whether it’s the right call or not the right call you can’t announce a penalty and then pick up the flag period.  The NFL already has people up in arms about the helmet to helmet hits while understandable are brutal to the game.  Sometimes a receiver puts his head down and the defender has no way to stop his momentum.

Now for the rest of the game Jim Caldwell is too much of a conservative and cowardly coach to go for it on 4th and 1.  I would have went for it and made sure that no call didn’t stop my drive.  But he didn’t and the punter shanked the kick.  Now Dallas got some breaks on their next offensive drive that will get over shadowed.  Two penalties on third down that prolonged the drive.  Plus 2 blatant holds that were not called.  Dallas fans the proof is in the pudding when Troy Aikman who is a homer supreme had said Dallas got away with some calls.  Now the part that really annoys me.  Jason Garrett being smug and talking about how Dallas never gives up and all that crap.  We are only here because of those blown calls.  As one Dallas fan friend said to me that this is not the same Cowgirls team.  I told him to take a walk.  Fear not the season ends next week in Green Bay.  Dallas is not getting those calls in Aaron’s house.

steelers 3Ravens

The Ravens beat the Steelers 30-17 in Pittsburgh.  John Harbaugh has a tremendous playoff record especially since he has always won his first playoff game of the post season.  The absence of Leveon Bell proved to be a huge hurdle for the Steelers to over come.  When a RB you just signed during the week has to start you no you have no depth at that position.  Lagrette Blount was supposed to be that player but he was released earlier in the season.  The Steelers still have no defensive backs and they really need to rebuild that part of their team.  As for the Ravens they get to go into New England where they play well in the post season and is probably the one team the Patriots don’t want to see.  Joe Flacco was very good and will need to get on one of those magical runs he had 2 years ago in what is a wide open AFC.

cardinals 3panthers 2

It seems that being a division wined under .500 gets you a win in the Wild Card round.  The Seahawks won 2 years ago against the Saints when they were 7-9.  Now the Cardinals have no QB and that certainly helped the Panthers out but my god does anyone give this team a shot going into Seattle against the Legion Of Boom?

Bengals 2colts 3

Another playoff appearance another one and done for the Bengals.  This time it was not QB Andy Dalton’s fault.  No AJ Green and when Jermaine Gresham went out there was no other weapons for Dalton to play with.  Still the Colts did not look crisp again and did not put the Bengals away when they could have.  Andrew Luck continues to have balls of steel as he sits in the pocket and takes shots to complete pass plays.  This game was boring as were the other 2.  Now the Colts get to go to Peyton’s Place to face the Broncos who in my opinion are missing something.

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