NFL Week 7 One Liners

Bills—Team is well coached but headed toward a top 5 pick.

Dolphins—Brock can’t make it two in a row.

Jets—Brutal loss calms down the Jets fans.

Patriots—Always finds a way to win.


Bengals—I think the Chiefs just scored another touchdown on that defense.

Browns—Another tough loss.  All part of the process for Baker.

Ravens—Just a brutal loss.

Steelers—Move into first place on their bye week.


Colts—Please get some talent around Luck.

Jaguars—Trade for Eli and save your season.

Texans—Amazingly they are in first place.

Titans—Vrabel makes a bonehead decision.


Broncos—Beat up the lowly Cardinals.

Chargers—Got a gift in London.

Chiefs—Their offense won’t be stopped.

Raiders—Let the fire sale begin.


Cowboys—Just got robbed by the Raiders.

Eagles—How did they lose that game.

Giants—Is this rock bottom.

Redskins—In first place of this crappy division.


Bears—Need to win this week badly.

Lions—To be 3-3 after how they looked after opening day is a miracle.

Packers—Getting healthy.  Will need all weapons against the Rams.

Vikings—In first place and they have not hit their stride yet.


Buccaneers—Have played bad this year and are still 3 and 3.

Falcons—Beating up the bad teams.

Panthers—Huge comeback in Philly.

Saints—Saints-Rams will be a fun game to watch.


49ers—A healthy Jimmy G and McKinnon along with a top 5 draft pick.

Cardinals—Leftwich just needs to build with Rosen/Johnson/Kirk.

Rams—Back to dominating after a couple of close games.

Seahawks—Still hanging around the playoff picture.

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