NFL Week 6 One Liners

Bills—Tough break with Allen.  Season is now a waste.

Dolphins—Brock Osweiler.  Go figure.

Jets—Combined record of opponents in games won 5-12.

Patriots—We have seen this game before from the Pats.


Bengals—Real tough home loss.

Browns—Baker now seeing the down side of being a rookie QB.

Ravens—Dominant defensive performance against the Titans.

Steelers—Huge win as they brace for the conclusion of the Bell story.


Colts—Can you please get Luck some talent to work with.

Jaguars—Best defense in the NFL?  HAHA.

Texans—Nate Peterman gifts them a win.

Titans—Titans need to put their last game into the toilet.


Broncos—Elway already scouting the college quarterbacks.

Chargers—Wait til Bosa comes back.

Chiefs—If only this defense would play a little better.

Raiders—Is there a fire sale starting?


Cowboys—Where did that performance come from?

Eagles—Playing the Giants is the best medicine.

Giants—The Eli era needs to end now.

Redskins—Next 5 games are all very winnable.


Bears—Championship teams don’t lose games like that.

Lions—Will drown now that the black and blue division is back.

Packers—Rodgers does it again.

Vikings—Still looking for a signature performance but good to win back to back games.


Buccaneers—Who will be the next head coach in Tampa?

Falcons—Almost blew the game.  Have shot to win 2 in a row on Monday night.

Panthers—Just an over rated team.

Saints—Tough road game in Baltimore on Sunday.

49ers—Are playing hard with a backup QB.

Cardinals—Just getting Rosen much needed experience.

Rams—Wasn’t pretty again but still won.  Gurley is an absolute beast.

Seahawks—Will beat bad teams.  Won’t beat good teams.

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