NFL Week 5 One Liners

Bills—Jekyll & Hyde season continues.

Dolphins—Clock has struck midnight for the fish.

Jets—Got a chance to win 2 in a row

Patriots—Changing of the guard game this coming Sunday?


Bengals—Time to start  believing in this team.

Browns—2 and 1 in Baker’s games.

Ravens—Crashed down to Earth in Cleveland.

Steelers—Much needed win before the Bell distraction comes to town.


Colts—A Colts receiver just dropped another pass on Luck.

Jaguars—Chiefs manhandled them.

Texans—Deshaun Watson won’t last the season if he keeps getting hit like that.

Titans—Let down game in Buffalo.


Broncos—This loss was not only on Case Keenum.

Chargers—When was the last time the Bolts were over .500 this early in the season.

Chiefs—Unstoppable.  Best team in the NFL?

Raiders—No showed against the Chargers.


Cowboys—Is Jerry finally getting tired of Jason Garrett.

Eagles—Eagles are facing a must win game this Thursday against the Giants.

Giants—Amazingly only one game out of the playoffs.

Redskins—Pitiful performance in an impossible Monday night spot.


Bears—Oh is they hadn’t blown that game vs the Packers in week 1.

Lions—Mason Crosby gift wrapped the win on Sunday.

Packers—Big trouble in GB.  Crosby had the worst game by a kicker I ever saw.

Vikings—Badly needed to beat the Eagles but there is still problems.


Buccaneers—Winston Part two.

Falcons—Officially done.

Panthers—Very fortunate to win against the Giants.

Saints—I thought Peyton was going to let Brees break every record Monday night.


49ers—The injury bug keeps biting this team.

Cardinals—Josh Rosen gets his first win as a starter.

Rams—Lost their top two wideouts and won barely.

Seahawks—Played hard but lost.  .500 team at best.

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