NFL Week 4 One Liners

Bills—The Packers lumped them up pretty good.  Makes you wonder where that Vikings game came from.

Dolphins—You didn’t think they were going to go undefeated.

Jets—Everyone sees now that Todd Bowles is a terrible head coach

Patriots—Back on track again?


Bengals—Possibly a playoff team?

Browns—Browns games certainly are interesting this year.

Steelers—Time to panic in the Steel City?  Bell to return a distraction?

Ravens—Maybe they are just a very good team.


Colts—Please get Andrew Luck some help.

Jaguars—Marone stuck it to the Jets for past issues.

Texans—Wouldn’t Le’Veon Bell look good on this team

Titans—Solid start.  Must get Mariotta on track.


Broncos—Tough loss on Monday night.  Case Keenum needs to be better.

Chargers—Typical Charger performance against a team they should beat easily.  At least they won the game.

Chiefs—OMG.  If the Jags can’t stop this team then no one is going to.

Raiders—Chuckie gets his first win.  Can’t believe how good Mack is playing?


Cowboys—Can beat the bad teams.  Can’t beat the good teams.

Eagles—Super Bowl hangover continues.  Could easily be 0-4.

Giants—Giant mess has the fans looking at college prospects.  OBJ about to blow?

Redskins—After 4 weeks Skins in first place


Bears—Are the Bears for real?

Lions—Patricia could be the last Belichick assistant to get a head coaching job.

Packers—How bad is Rodgers knee?

Vikings—Staring at a 3 game losing streak this Sunday at the defending champs.


Buccaneers—Winston is back but won’t be able to save the season.

Falcons—Can’t even spell Defense right now.

Panthers—Time for the Panthers to make strides in the conference.

Saints—If not for FitzMagic Saints could have a stranglehold on the division.


49ers—CJ Beathard is playing for his football life.

Cardinals—Let Rosen take his lumps and build for the future.

Rams—My god did Goff shred that great Vikings defense.

Seahawks—Earl Thomas just proved why NFL players hold out.

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