NFL Week 3 One Liners


Bills—What an upset.  And totally dominated the Vikings in Minnesota.

Dolphins—3-0 start against so so competition.

Jets—Were they prepared for Baker or not.  Adams mouth finally got him into trouble.

Patriots—Second straight loss this time to a pupil.  Are the Pats now officially in decline?


Bengals—Are the Bengals for real?

Browns—Should be 3-0.  Let the Baker era begin.

Steelers—Much needed win Monday night.

Ravens—Best team in the AFC North?


Colts—Could have beaten the defending champs.  Intersting Luck was pulled on the last second hail mary.

Jaguars—Brutal divisional loss after dominating the Pats the week before.

Texans—Is the clock ticking on Coach O’Brien?

Titans—Huge road win in Jacksonville.


Broncos—Big game coming up against the Chiefs.

Chargers—2 losses are against undefeated teams.

Chiefs—Mahomes looks unstoppable.

Raiders—Going to be a long year for Chuckie.


Cowboys—Looked bad again.

Eagles—Wentz was rusty but Philly still won.

Giants—Losing Engram will hurt.  But got a glimpse of what this offense could do.

Redskins—Nice start behind Alex Smith.


Bears—Macking with Khalil Mack.

Lions—Patricia beats his mentor for first win.

Packers—Second straight week with very questionable roughing the passer penalty.

Vikings—Reward after brutal loss is a short week and visit to the LA Rams.


Buccaneers—Fitzmagic starting to run out?

Falcons—Season is heading down in a hurry.

Panthers—Solid team if they stay healthy.

Saints—Defense must get better.  Big test this week vs the Giants


49ers—Oh Jimmy G.  What are you doing.  It’s prime time for Beathards grand son.

Cardinals—Finally playing Rosen.

Rams—Can coast to a division title.  But they want home field.
Seahawks—Let the rebuild begin.

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