NFL Week 2 One Liners


One Liners For The NFL Week 2

Bills—Having a player retire at half time is new.

Dolphins—2-0 start.  One win against a backup QB and the other against a rookie

Jets—It’s not so easy when your opponent actually competes against you

Patriots—Should we be worried about the PATS


Bengals—Record does not matter.  Lewis needs playoff wins

Browns—Very competitive 2 straight weeks

Ravens—Jumping off the Ravens bandwagon already

Steelers—Should be 0-2.  Defense is atrocious


Colts—Luck is back

Jaguars—As good as they played I still was fearful of a NE comeback

Texans—Watson needs to shake off the rust

Titans—Big win without their QB


Broncos—Big comeback win against the Raiders

Chargers—September wins are rare for the Chargers

Chiefs—It’s like a track meet with all the speed they have

Raiders—Let one get away.  Going to be a long season for Chuckie


Cowboys—Don’t let Sunday night fool you.  This team is still not good

Eagles—It’s hard to repeat.  Philly is finding that out now.

Giants—Disaster waiting to happen

Redskins—After nice win, brutal loss


Bears—Macking a new identity

Lions—Belichick Bowl could get ugly again on National TV

Packers—if Rodgers has to sit down they need to win all his starts.

Vikings—When your kicker blows a game vs the Packers you find a high priced new kicker


Bucs—When will Winston play again this year

Falcons—Will they ever recover from that blown Super Bowl

Panthers—Newton takes another vicious hit

Saints—Should have lose to believeland


49ers—When the hunter becomes the hunted

Cardinals—Just play Rosen now

Rams—Looking un stoppable

Seahawks—Sold out making Wilson the face of the franchise


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