NFL Week 1 One Liners


Bills—Will be a brutal year for the Bills.  Let Allen get his lumps.

Dolphins—Is this the year for the final experiment for Tannehill?

Jets—Ushering in the Sam Darnold era in style.

Patriots—What week will they clinch the division?

Bengals—Amazed Marvin Lewis still has a job.

Browns—5 times has a team been plus 5 in turnovers and didn’t win.  The Browns own 3 of those.

Ravens—Is this team really good?

Steelers—Tie feels like a loss.  Bell still a no show

 Colts—Luck does not change even though their star is back

Jaguars—Will be watching Fournette’s hammy.

Texans—Played hard in NE.  Watson needs to shake off the rust

Titans—If it was not bad enough sitting through weather delays, Titans lose Marriota and Walker

 Broncos—Can Keenum generate enough offense to win games?

Chargers—Typical Chargers.  Expectations are high and they lose right out the gate.

Chiefs—Mahomes led offense looks like a college offense with all that speed

Raiders—After unloading Mack Chuckie’s team is overmatched.  Will he last 10 years

 Cowboys—Could be a long season for the Star

Eagles—Eagle fans are brutal.

Giants—They need to do better than this

Redskins—AP could be a huge find

 Bears—Should be wondering how the hell they lost that game

Lions—Are they really this bad?

Packers—One more chapter to the Rodgers legacy

Vikings—Very matter or fact win in the debut of Cousine

 Buccaneers—Improbable victory with Fitzmagic

Falcons—Typical Falcons and the over rated Matty Ice

Panthers—Some think Panthers primed for a big year

Saints—Embarrassing loss on opening day

 49ers—Jimmy G found out is hard to play with expectations

Cardinals—Inexplicable opening day loss to Washington

Rams—Super Bowl or Bust

Seahawks—Pete Carroll has a history of bring drama to his teams.

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