NFL Top Ten Teams After Week 5

  1. New England Patriots 5-0 Last Week (1) The best team in the NFL

  1. New Orleans Saints 4-1 Last Week (3) No Drew Brees. No problem.

3.Green Bay Packers 4-1 Last Week (4) Huge tiebreaking win in Dallas

  1. San Francisco 49ers 4-0 Last Week (8) embarrassed the Browns on Monday night.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 4-1 Last Week (2) Need to get healthy.

  1. Seattle Seahawks 4-1 Last Week (6) Very solid team in a good division.

  1. Buffalo Bills 4-1 Last Week (10) Let’s Go Buffalo

  1. Houston Texans 3-2 Last Week (UR) Starting to get it together

  1. Indianapolis Colts 3-2 Last Week (UR) Frank Reich deserves a lot of credit

  1. Carolina Panthers 3-2 Last Week (UR) Has Cam Newton lost his starting job?

Bonus teams

Los Angeles Rams 3-2 Defending NFC champions are struggling

Philadelphia Eagles 3-2 Best team in the NFC East.

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