NFL Top Ten Rankings Week 15

NFL Top Ten Rankings Week 15

1 Baltimore Ravens 12-2 LW(1) Head and shoulders the best team in the league

2 San Francisco 49ers 11-2 LW(5) Went 2-1 against three first place teams

3 Seattle Seahawks 10-3 LW(2) Heading for a week 17 showdown for the NFC West crown

4 New Orleans Saints 10-3 LW(3) Really need to get back on track

5 Green Bay Packers 10-3 LW(6) Can’t overlook Bears with big division showdown lurking

6 Kansas City Chiefs 9-4 LW(7) Looking for a potential bye

7 New England Patriots 10-3 LW(4) Something is missing but I know better than to doubt this team.

8 Buffalo Bills 9-4 LW(8) Showing the league how good they are

9 Minnesota Vikings 9-4 LW(9-4) Keeping pace with the Packers

10 Pittsburgh Steelers 8-5 LW(UR) Best coaching job of Mike Tomin’s career

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