1 New Orleans Saints 7-1 Last Week (2) Destined to be in the Super Bowl

2 San Francisco 49ers 8-0 Last Week (3) Can really put a stranglehold in the division with a win over the Seahawks

3 New England Patriots 8-1 Last Week (1) Still on track to have the best record in the AFC

4 Baltimore Ravens 6-2 Last Week (6) Eye opening win vs the Patriots

5 Seattle Seahawks 7-2 Last Week (7) Must win in SF if they want to win the division

6 Green Bay Packers 7-2 Last Week (4)-Rodgers said it. Humble Pie.

7 Houston Texans 6-3 Last Week (9) Ready to take off in the division.

8 Kansas City Chiefs 6-3 Last Week (10) Mahomes is back but is a first-round bye gone.

9 Buffalo Bills 6-2 Last Week (UR) Just keep beating the teams your supposed to.

10 Philadelphia Eagles 5-4 Last Week (UR) My pick to win the NFC EAST


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