NFL Top 10 Power Rankings

As week 7 comes to an end it’s time to start ranking the NFL teams.  As we all know this list has a way of changing week to week especially now that the NFC is completely wide open.  So let’s get right to it.

1.  Denver Broncos–Peyton Manning still looks great but the big difference is Denver’s defense is better than last year.

2.  Indianapolis Colts–Andrew Luck is already in the top 5 of quarterbacks in the league.  But if their defense is going to play this well Denver better look out.

3.  New England Patriots–The demise of this team was a bit pre mature.  I still don’t like their defense but they always seem to have one playoff game in Gillette Stadium and if Bellichick ever gets that defense in the right direction then this team is going to be tough to beat.

4.  Philadelphia Eagles–I am still not sure Chip Kelly’s offense will work in the long run.  But this team is balanced.  Darren Sproles makes a big difference.

5.  Dallas Cowboys–At 6-1 they have to make this list.  I still don’t believe in them.  They are going to run Demarco into the ground.  Tony Romo is a choker and Jason Garrett has not done anything in big spots.  Not to mention the big mouth owner who can’t help himself.  Dallas has choked and collapsed so many times they need to prove they can win.

6.  Arizona Cardinals–Surprise they are the first and only team from the NFC West to make the top 10.  And it is well deserved.  This team won 10 games last year and is on pace for more this year.  They still have all their division games left and SF will eventually get healthy but for now the Red Birds are in the drivers seat.

7.  Detroit Lions–With a 5-2 record you would think that is the most surprising thing about the Lions season so far.  But the fact that they have done this with their defense and also with Megatron hurt and not a factor is even more surprisingly.  This is a team that the NFC needs to take notice of.

8.  Green Bay Packers–Discount Double Check King says to the cheese head nation to calm down.  Boy was he right.  That offense is clicking big time.  Even if their defense is just playing good they are one game behind the Cards from having home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  No one wants to go to Lambeau in January.

9.  Baltimore Ravens–Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl MVP so at 5-2 they get the ninth spot.  Steve Smith has been a great addition.  Even the defense is playing better than expected.  The division has become a two team race with the Bengals.  But man is Flacco on his game.

10.  San Diego Chargers–Mike McCoy has led the reemergence of Philip Rivers and the Chargers.  Still they need to beat the big teams like Denver to show us they are a true contender.

Conspicious by their absence.

Seattle-Seahawks–Finding out how hard it is to repeat when every one wants to beat you and maybe your not as hungry to win as you were the year before.

San Francisco 49ers–Theoretically they will be better once they get healthy especially defensively.  But for now 4-3 does not make this list.

Cincinnatti Bengals–Their offense can’t only be about EJ Green.



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