NFL Ramblings 11-3

rg3Is anyone else tired of seeing RG3 limp around the field? He will never be healthy. He will never change his style of play. He will never learn how to slide or protect himself. Should the Skins have given him yesterday off and with the bye next week he can get even more healthier? Would it matter? RG3 is destined to be hurt and the Skins must play him to justify the huge trade they made to get him. But RG3 has set this franchise back.

jerryromoSo Jerry Jones already has said Tony Romo with his broken bones in his back is going to London to play the lowly Jaguars. Sounds like Jerry already printed the NFC Championship Game tickets at Jerry Dome. Unless you haven’t noticed Romo’s health for all his awful play in big games is paramount got the success of the Cowboys. But if you can’t beat the jags with the team you have minus Romo then your not going anywhere. Romo is one hit away from calling it a career. Do you think Jerry regrets not taking Johnny Football now?

rexidzikPoor Rex Ryan and the Jets. Did he really say we would do anything for a win? Hey Rex how are you stunned? Your team is bad. You have no defensive backs which is not your fault. You had your shot at being a head coach. You can always be a defensive coordinator again. By the way The Jets and The Idzik didn’t go out and get Percy Harvin. The Seahawks dumped him and the Jets were the team they chose.

colin kjim harbaughColin Kaepernick I am sure you felt you were over the goal line. But once you fumble the snap then Animal Jr ends up with the ball after the play you lose all benefit of the doubt. You should blame your coach for that hideous play call. Jim Harbaugh how do you not spread the field and let Colin run it in on a draw? Your best option is your speedy quarterback making a play with his legs. Not cramming the ball up the middle with 16 players stuffing the middle.

tomlinKudos to you Mike Tomlin. Juice kept his team from engaging the Ravens in their thuggery last night. Instead you let Big Ben drop another TD with under 2 minutes to play instead of running the clock out. I know this is a nasty rivalry but Tomlin did it right. And your reward is that your back in the AFC Central race.

Is it me or is there an increase in the amount of leg injuries in the league.

After the Pats layed a whooping on the Broncos it puts the Pats in the drivers seat in the AFC for home field advantage. I guess the talk of the Patriots demise is really very pre mature.

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